Ice hockey in Taiwan/Taipei

Hi all,
I’m probably moving to Taipei in September and wondered if there are any ice hockey leagues in Taiwan - my internet search has been fairly fruitless so far although I gather there used to be a league but I can’t find hide nor hair of there being one next year.
I haven’t played in a while but it would be grand to play again, especially if it is competitive.

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Thank you for the post. As said, I have tried a google search and came across the same results namely that there is nothing mentioned for the next season. Plenty about past seasons, but nothing about an upcoming season. Does anyone know anything about a season for 2013/14?

I am interested in playing ice hockey as well.

I could probably find more search results if I could read Chinese.

It’s a good news/bad news kind of situation.

Bad News: After 8 years, The CIHL, Taiwan’s premiere (and only) ice hockey league was forced to close its gates. It’s a long and sordid story and there is a slim chance that it may be revived, but will never match the former glory.

Good News: The Taipei Gentlemen’s Hockey Club has risen out of the ashes and does put guys on the ice twice a week. We play 3 on 3 hockey every Tuesday in XiMenDing and full ice on Thursday nights at 11PM at Taipei Arena. Space is limited and you need to join the club to get ice time.

We host the occasional tournament, the next being our 4th 3 on 3 tilt scheduled for Oct. 5th. These tournaments are open to anyone that wants to join and are not for the faint of heart. A more challenging cardio workout you’ll not find anywhere in Asia. We are also taking a recreational team to the Land of Smiles 19th annual ice hockey tournament in Bangkok this year and there is room on our roster for some rookies. To find out more information and to get on the list , please visit our facebook page. or contact me via PM.

See you in the paint. :laughing: