Ice hockey

Hi guys,

What’s the difference between the International and the open divisions???

Why is it that the international is open for the foreigners and they get to compete internationally and the open divisions are for the locals. Isn’t that this is just taking the advantage of the Taiwanese people’s facility and labour to treat them like a minority???

Anyway, is the Thursday night development session is still on??? I am still trying to get my gears from OZ, or I could just indulge myself and get another new set of equipment.

section61, sign up to the CIHL forum… you’ll find all the info you’re after there.

The open division is listed on the association website, but hasn’t existed for years.

The international division has about 120 players, about 30% of whom are local players… a good number of whom are young, fast and good.

Thursday nights are still on, but you must register to play as space is limited. Registration is done via the CIHL forum.

Definitely, get your gear, or you can pick up a full set at Monosport, on Aiguo across from CKS.