Icelandic Fischer Man


After being kidnapped by Yunichiro Koizumi at the behest of George al Bushqawi, heroic defender of sport-should-be-separate-from-politics erm…persona, Bobby Fischer has been freed from captivity after a courageous intervention by Icelandic Consular Forces.

After being held against his will for nine months by the evil terrorist group, Nippon Willdo Yusaybushisan, Icelandic Consular Forces burst into the arrivals hall at Narita Airport and fired off a smart passport in the general vicinity of Mr. Fischer’s captors.

Finally, after such an ordeal Mr Olaf Fischer will be re-united with his Japanese chess champion mate, Ruki Kingtu Niteseven, who herself has applied for a Czech passport, whereafter they will be able to live happily ever after in sunny Reykjavik.


For any of our English-speaking audience who wish to understand what Comrade Broonsky is on about, you may read a short story on the subject here:

“It makes me look like Saddam Hussein.” – Bobby Fischer is peeved at this exclusive Mainichi photo taken at Narita airport on Aug. 10. Photo by Tatsuya Onishi

Take that, Jews!


SJ: Is there any way that Jewish people are relevant to this thread?

I believe Mr. Fischer is known as something of an anti-semite.

Oh yeah, I do remember hearing that now… Thanks bb.

A quick google turned up this gem:

Bobby Fischer speaks out to applaud Trade Centre attacks

Must be depressing to reach one’s intellectual peak so early in life, and in such a narrow field. Then to spend the rest of your life watching your mind lose its sharpness… watching others surpass your achievements in the only thing you were ever good at. Eventually you become more and more bitter about your lot in life… and start looking for people to blame.

Oh well. It’s a shame. :idunno:

It is. Mind you, he still has to be pretty quick to talk about the WTC attacks with a radio station called “Radio Bombo”.


When he moves over there, will he have to change his name to match in with the Icelandic naming system: -son for boys, -dottir for girls?

Given his past history, I strongly recommend altering the system slightly so that he his new passport reads: Bobby Fischersonuvabitch.

Hobbes – nice photo. In light of his beard, perhaps he could be Gorton’s Fischerman.

Wow. Bobby Fischer rocks! You know despite the fact that he’s going through hell being bullied around by the the US and Japan, he must know what an icon he is. This man is the Che Guevara of our age, people! His face will be on t-shirts on college campuses around the world. He defied the system by PLAYING A GAME OF CHESS, and the US will not leave him alone for it even though there are far more serious crimes that the US could be worried about…like…its…OWN CRIMES.

“This was not an arrest,” said Fisher. “It was a kidnapping cooked up by [U.S. President George W.]Bush and [Japanese President Junichiro] Koizumi.”

“They are war criminals and should be hung.”

In more bizarre behaviour, Fischer pretended he was going to urinate on a wall, called Japan’s government “gangsters” and said the U.S. was “Jew-controlled.” [/quote]

And, yes, I’m an American citizen who exercises his right not to deceive himself with patriotic garbage. My country sucks, and yours does, too. Bobby Fischer is at his peak NOW. America needs more Americans like him.

What kind of country would arrest one of its citizens for playing a game of chess? The land of the free? What would the founding fathers say to that? Thomas Jefferson is rolling in his grave.

Isn’t he a bit of a weirdo?

Bobby Fischer arrives in Iceland

Wow… like… urm… I mean radical dude…T-shirts…uh huh… :laughing:

(You were being ironic weren’y you?)

No, I wasn’t, DUDE.

Bobby Fischer is an American icon.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Bobby Fischer arrives in Iceland
Is he wearing socks with sandels?
He’s a fashion statement not a rebel.

[quote=“o2”]No, I wasn’t, DUDE.

Bobby Fischer is an American icon.[/quote]
Sorry Dude…BF is a bumbling idiot.
An icon only to the dufusses w/out a clue.

p.s. - I can use “Dude”, I moved here from Huntington Beach.
Although I do not use “gnarly” unless discussing wood, trees or the appearance of their exposed root system.

Gee…hey man…like…I was uhuh…like going OVER THE SPEED LIMIT BY A COUPLE OF Ks today… man did I fuck with the system… I mean… like …you know…erm… i feel… well…you know…like an ICON

PS any idea why playing that game of chess was illegal? (I have my doubts but I guess you could prove me wrong :wink: )

Iceland is welcome to him! :raspberry:
Wonder how long it will take him to wear out his welcome there?

From wikipedia:

[quote]After Fischer won the “Match of the Century” he disappeared, and did not publicly play chess for nearly twenty years. In 1975, when he failed to defend his title, Anatoly Karpov became world champion by default. Fischer emerged from isolation to challenge Spassky to a “Revenge Match of the 20th Century” in 1992 after 20 years of non-competition. This match took place in Budva, FR Yugoslavia, in spite of a severe UN embargo which included sanctions on sports events. He insisted that organizers bill the match as “The World Chess Championship,” although at this time Garry Kasparov was the recognized FIDE champion. The purse for this match was reported to be $5 million.
In a pre-match press conference, filled with histrionics, Fischer spat on a document from the U.S. State Department forbidding Fischer to play in the Balkan state because of economic sanctions in place at the time. In response, Fischer was indicted and a warrant was issued for his arrest.[/quote]

[quote]After the September 11, 2001 terrorism attacks, Fischer gave a broadcast interview to Bombo Radyo, a small public-radio station based in Baguio City in the Philippines. “This is all wonderful news,” Fischer said. “I applaud the act. The U.S. and Israel have been slaughtering the Palestinians, just slaughtering them for years. Robbing them and slaughtering them. Nobody gave a shit. Now it’s coming back to the U.S. Fuck the U.S. I want to see the U.S. wiped out.”
An American icon, indeed…