ICLU (@ Tai Da)

Hi All,

I’m considering studying at the International Chinese Language Program (ICLU) at Tai Da this fall. But it costs a lot of money, and getting a scholarship is hardly a sure thing…

does anybody have any advice? Is it worth the cost (for 20 hrs/wk classroom instruction, half with a tutor and half w/ a max class size of 4)? What’s the best way to improve my odds of getting one of those elusive MoC scholarships? Any other advice for not being reduced to penury in my quest to gain better knowledge of Chinese?

(NB: I’m currently a high-intermediate speaker from the States who’s somewhat rusty from having not spoken much the last couple years; had four years modern and two classical in Uni. Have previously studied in Taiwan, several years ago over a summer, at NTNU CCLC.)

Any advice, if any, would be welcome.

I don’t know the university you are talking about, but most of the universities in Taiwan Offer scholarships. They range in how useful they actually are (i.e. how much money you get.)

Usually you have to have studied one full semester at that uni, have a average grade of 85+, sit the scholarship test and depending how good you are and how badly everyone esle sucks, you might just get one.

There are other scholarships available but I don’t know too much about them.

There was another thread a few weeks ago that talked about scholarships, may or may not be helpful to you.

Not worth the money. Taida is fine (I studied there), but not excellent. I know a few people who had big problems there too. You’re paying big bucks for the name. I have a few friends who have studied at both Taida and Zhengda (Chengchi University) and they all say that Zhengda is miles better. Also, Taida is doing renovations at the moment, so their services are really bad. As you don’t count as a proper university student you can’t use the main university’s facilities eg computers.
Of course, it all depends on the teacher. You might get a great one at Taida or a bad one elsewhere (eg Zhengda).
I’m going to Zhengda next semester.

A close friend has been very happy with ICLU program and has been impressed by the dedication of the staff. Given that it is a school there is a varying quality to the teachers and also the personality/dedication/application of classmates can seriously affect your progress - this has nothing to do with the institution in question but a function of who is sitting next to you.

Cheaper than ICLP and maybe more vauable is a private teacher, 1:1 several times/week(my teacher is per311311@yahoo.com.tw).

I have studied at NCCU’s language center for a year and think you value for your money. In the beginning of the second semester I had a teacher that suited me less, so I changed to another class of the same level. The number of students in one class is generally kept quite low, and most teachers are very experienced.