ICRT feedback thread for 2018/2019


This statement could be taken different ways. :sunglasses:


On the plus side we are a genuine bunch of grumpy gits. You know where you stand with us.


If we don’t like your radio station or show we say so, not like the locals beating around the bush.
Well, they have no problem saying you’re fat, but otherwise they are not really direct.


Yeah, I do need to hit the gym.


Go vegan!


I am vegan, but I don’t like to talk about it.




When you eat a rabbit that eats veggies, are you a vegan?


If you are that rabbit


Friday night, Ted talk, now. Why?




Jazz and blues Sunday starts now.


The only time I have the misfortune of hearing ICRT is when taxi drivers put it on as a courtesy. Outside of that one jazz show which played good music, it’s virtually unlistenable.


What’s their target market now? I listed to it back in the noughties when I got here, but it’s 2018 and there’s better ways of getting music. On the occasion I hear it, it seems to be reformatted as a sort of novelty foreign-run station targeting the local population. Or am I wrong in that? Do the DJs still primarily use English? Is all the English music or do they play local music?


Coincidentally, I was asked for advice from some uni students today about how to get more English input. When I suggested ICRT the immediate response was “They speak too much Chinese.”

I would guesstimate that before 4pm it’s about 80-90% English. After 4pm it’s about 60% English. The big problem after 4pm is they have these long advertorials where it’s all Chinese for up to 30 minutes at a time.


Getting online and listing to an NPR or BBC Radio channel would be better for conversation, or any random radio station for music, or VOA for slow spoken, simplistic news.


No arguments there. ICRT is one of the stock responses to that question because it’s local and supposedly therefore more relevant to the students.


Podcasts. Whatever their interest, there’s a podcast about it.

That doesn’t help the students who have no apparent interests, but I figure they’ve got bigger issues.


The bigger problem is the students who can’t be arsed.


Hour 2 of Sunday night jazz starts now with Jazz Trax.