ICRT feedback thread for 2018/2019


Make Afu Program director.



There isn’t really any local news on radio or TV in English. Seems like such an obvious attraction. Locals will like to hear local news in English (that they probably already heard or will hear so will be more easily understood) and foreigners that speak English will definitely tune it because it’s the only option.


I never listen to the radio, unless somebody else has it on, and have little familiarity with ICRT beyond the sing-song of their call letters. So take this cum grano salis.

One thing that’s always bugged me is the concept of the “international community.” Realizing that this originally referred to US military families (and to a lesser extent, diplomats, missionaries, and business people)–and that thanks to the evolving market and lax regulatory oversight, ICRT has mutated into something only tangentially related to foreigners in Taiwan–the fact is that the biggest groups of foreigners here are from SE Asian countries. In theory, ICRT should have switched away from its English/Chinese format a long time ago. For all I know they may have some programming in SE Asian languages, but surely not in proportion to the number of SE Asians relative to the total number of foreigners in Taiwan. Of course this relates to the different classes of foreigners (and “international community” could be code for the higher classes, who enjoy some degree of support from overseas governments).





In video:

https://www.youtube.com/user/FTVEnglishNews midnight English news




All new too me.



For all I know they may have some programming in SE Asian languages,…

Once upon a time, “Tito” Gray Gleason had AsiaNation on ICRT specifically for those of us from Southeast Asia. He himself is now based in Manila.


No GeoBlocking Issues? Do you pay a proxy service? There’s one original content channel our kids loved called Kids Place. What’s your set up? What do you pay? A while back I managed to make it work during a free trial but it only worked on my desktop that had a proxy service.


I hope that’s his daughter in the photo. :sunglasses:



My faith in humanity is restored.


I downloaded a free app VPN called freevpn. You need to watch a 15 second commercial, sometimes it plays twice, then select USA. It’s a bit slow but ok for streaming the Sirius app, I have a lifetime account I paid for 10 years ago still working


A life time Sirius account? That must have been some investment anyway. How much did you pay? What made you take the gamble on subscription radio. I’ll try your vpn and get my self another trial. Paying for it will be a problem unless… well. that can wait…


Using a young girl, daughter or not, is a bit odd to me. And a bit scary for a daughter that is thrown up in public. Too many misfits out there to worry about.


I just clicked on Hong Kong, and I heard a song from a recording of a Temptations concert (“My Girl”), and, from the 'Seventies, A Taste of Honey doing the disco number “Boogie Oogie Oogie.”

Edited to add that I can report that folks in India, Ghana, the Azores, and Mexico are also jamming away.


It is not an International radio station. It is not a community radio station. It is a Sometimes English Radio Station. Maybe change your name?


What happened to the previous morning dj, Terry Engel?


He moved back to Canada. I believe he’s doing a show in Chinese now. Quite impressive.


Is he the one who opened Vinyl Decision? I don’t think I ever heard him on the radio but I appreciate that store coming into existence.


Vinyl Decision is owned by … not going to tell you!