ICRT feedback thread for 2018/2019


This thread is a perfect example of the problems with ICRT. The complete lack of response from the person in charge of their online presence is telling. Either the query for criticism wasn’t genuine, or their team doesn’t have enough professionalism to handle their social media presence.


To be fair to ICRT it’s probably down to a lack of resources.

Yeah, it used to be better. But people moved on or died. It’s still pretty good up to 4pm.


We miss Terry and love that Stevie has come back. The Vinyl show with that guy from the record shop was great bring that back!


Just stop listening. You’ll feel much better.

Her dad is a famous music producer. It’s called nepotism.


I like the Taiwan culture discussions lately. Recently about the differences in the local religions.


I need to correct this statement. I was listening on the internet with a delay, so the “MARK” appeared to be at the wrong time. It probably wasn’t. My bad.


I have to say, some of this new rap being played is pretty awful.

Also, as much as I love any early Snoop/Dre, it’s almost not worth playing if every other word is cut out.

And please, no more “Sabrina Don’t Get Married” unless it’s a request. How repetitive can a song be?


Heard that ICRT has a learning app using one daily news article called “ICRT Daily News- Listening to ICRT Learning English”.

Wish it had pinyin, then people learning Chinese could use it. And ICRT could get more money from the advertisers as Chinese learners would be interested, a benefit for all.


SABRINA song one more time, I’m going to vomit. Please ICRT, alert us 1 minute before you play that song each time so we can turn the sound down or change channel.

Zee Avi, from Malaysia, earlier, was same style, but one million percent better. Don’t confuse the two.


That song is so dumb


Is anyone keeping up with Taiwan over there?

Just because latin DJ Cola is around, doesn’t mean there is a local demand or even interest in Latin music or Spanish instruction. There isn’t.

Might as well do Russian music and instruction. Or maybe some Arabic.
Always meeting people from Eastern Europe, how about something from there. More people are interested in Korean. How about some French? Anything would be as-in demand.

Jeesh, talking English with Spanish accent, what the??? Taiwanese aren’t understanding and English speakers aren’t catching all of it, or are changing stations.

The radio station sometimes seems to be rolling around the ocean without a compass.


Please excuse my ignorance (just now opening this topic), but is anyone saying that there is an actual jazz radio show here in Taiwan?

That would be totally amazeballs if true.


Mmmm, from like 8pm-12 every Sunday night for like 30 years. 8pm Jamie Callum, Jazz Trax, Anything Goes. Used to be a local Jazz production with a popular host, but now outsourced.

Jamie Callum again on Mondays at 11pm.


Sadly, my impression of “Jazz” tends to be :slight_smile:


Turn it on now, check it out.


100% this


This is the only English forum of substance in Taiwan. They are surely watching, but not replying.

Where else can they get honest input? Not from their chat room. And not from their app that tracks intimate details about anyone using the app.


also this


Is it necessary or appropriate to infer your penis will get smaller in an anti-steroids announcement? NO. Not on a family friendly radio station.

Many people would feel uncomfortable talking like that around their own kids, but it’s broadcasting on a radio station.

Are 14 year old boys coming up with these commercials?


Love the discussion this morning about armpit hair. The female DJs just kind of wondering why we’re talking about this.

Yesterday talking about passing gas and the guy challenge that girl don’t go there cuz he would win. She was trying to get past the subject.

Come on boys stop talking like teenagers at home in your room.