ICRT feedback thread for 2018


I get music from the internet.


I guess they make most of their money with ‘road shows’, keeps the DJ’s popular.


ICRT 4 hours of jazz starts now.


Another new low, talking about sniffing cat butts. It’s a subject DJ Stevie G wants to talk about and not just a random comment, which in itself could be kind of strange.

I really wonder what DJ Stevie G does with his time off based on subjects he wants to talk about like

  • farting and passing gas
  • urinating
  • armpit hair
  • his penis
  • sniffing cat butts

I mean he has good voice, presence, good technique but his subjects are really odd.


He’s a keen baker.


“Yeah, I know but could you pick one for me?”


Here’s a q for you icrt listeners.

I thought Ron Stewart was done but I swear I heard him on air again recently …Does he still have a show on there ?

And hows Terry doing …He went back to Canada…Any news ?


Ron Stewart is still shouting. I’m not sure if he has a regular slot, but he stands in for people.

Last I heard Terry was doing a Chinese radio show in Canada.


Thought so! Hope Terry is doing well in Canada. Never met the guy but he sure worked hard on his 3 hour solo morning slots !


He can talk about pies!


Does the Kaohsiung ICRT station play a different program than Taipei? Last night Saturday the DJ was playing from Kaohsiung. Never heard a DJ say that before. Or maybe they always play same program and just broadcasting from Kaohsiung.


Really enjoyed Saturday evening 21:00 ~ 21:30, Electro Breeze, 22:00 ~ 22:30,
Underground Sounds.

Sunday night jazz blues starts now.


Feces and fecal matter today but that gets a pass because related to a useful subject, bathroom hand dryers, that spread bacteria.

Uranus (your anus) discussion, no pass. Is he in 7th grade?