Idea for worldwide community website- what do you think?

I’ve been thinking of the feasibility of creating a worldwide community type website where members who travel around could have a network to plug into in various ways (no not an Internations or Oriented affair).

I think it’s no harm to discuss it openly to crowd-source some ideas on how it could operate and get a reality check in the meantime.

The principle is simple

  • Open membership policy worldwide, each country has it’s own forum and community that broadly follows the constitution of the community
  • Flat leadership structure
  • No membership fees, ever!
  • No requirement for real name
  • Members get ahead in the community by gaining votes from other members for helpful things they did for others
  • People who get the highest votes have some sort of status, and maybe some income to go with it, or just get an inbuilt satisfaction of having a great reputation
  • Votes are weighted differently according to where they come from, the interaction level of the people involved , their relationship etc.
  • Members can be voted out of the community by other members
  • All members are entitled to revenue generated by the website, with possibly the people with the best reps earning the most income

These ideas come to me from my feeling that a forum and community belong to it’s members and membership should be broad and flexible and open to scrutiny. I also feel that having a network like this to plug into is useful for a very broad base of people that reaches far beyond the cocktail party and suit and tie set that it is usually limited to.

So ideas and criticisms welcome!

I’ll bite, HH.

The thing I don’t understand from your post is why people are going to your website. What will be the search terms that will bring it up on Google? A successful website fulfills a need that people can’t satisfy elsewhere. Revenue sharing is a good idea but there won’t be any for a long time, so there needs to be another very good reason for people to choose your website over others.

One need I don’t see being met anywhere (though admittedly I haven’t really looked) is a site for Net Nomads, people who work remotely and travel. A community of people that’s set to grow a lot over the next few decades. Somewhere these people could go for online work, networking, community, information. That might work. Or is that your intention here already?

Im just putting out some ideas to see whats out there.

The first idea I had was to be more like the Freemasons or Lions whereby one creates an online and offline community you can plug into for mutual interest and friendship. Instead of paying 100000 USD to get an MBA from Harvard you could join this network which promotes members mutual self interest. The community would exist on a worldwide basis and you can bring your reputation with you if you move country. It levels the playing field. The KEY idea is that you must DO something to create a good reputation and this is vetted by other members. I’m also aware that you can do the same in Taiwan or other places by being in a religion but this is to be a non religious and open organization which is not ruled from top down.

I’m just imagining how that would be put together.

Expanding from that was an idea to create a more informal network of members that is rated by the community, online and offline.

So people who create content that is viewed a lot , or attract a lot of attention become super users and are entitled to a share of the online earnings.

The website core is to be online forums linked with social identity, either personal or professional or business.

Professional members should offer discounts or privileges to other members. They may be rated on that and gain reputation.

As for attracting people to the website, the idea is that the site will pay people commission who attract eyeballs and create useful content that is viewed.

It’s a bit woolly but then again try explaining something like Facebook or LinkedIn a few years ago.

I think it’s an excellent idea to focus on freelancers and it is also part of the idea behind this community.

You can say ‘what’s the difference with Facebook’?

Well this is a community and you can be voted out by other members if you break the community rules and you lose your privileges. You are also a stockholder in the site as the revenues are shared with the users.

The community doesn’t sell personal information to others without consent nor does it claim Copyright on content generated just, just a license to use it.

Maybe it needs a core group to start the ball rolling and expand from there, professional freelancers might be the core group.

There’s a couple digital nomad type websites, but nothing that really fulfills the prime need I think most people have. It’s all about how cheap and lovely this place or that place is, but I think most of us who are (or want to) make a living on the internet need to know specific info about places:

Available bandwidth
Stability of that bandwidth
Latency to a variety of places
Likelyhood of censorship or IP blocking
Possibility to maintain visa or residency while working online

The place “these people could go for online work, networking…” part probably won’t work since there’s really very little overlap between those of us who work online. An engineer has no need to network with me, I’m useless to him/her because what I do has absolutely no bearing on what they do. Ditto for me and an SEO person or monetizing blogger or whatever. For the most part we each have trade publications (websites, etc.) where we can find work or we contract to agencies (if you’re in my field and do telepractice you know all the agencies, I presume it’s the same for others). What most of us need is reliable info specific to our unique needs and a group of people who are willing and able to run network tests and post the results.

Now if you’re looking at a straight expat or worldwide City-Data type website, how is it going to be better than what’s out there? You have to reach a critical mass of posts to get people to visit, which ends up as a catch-22. I see less than 100 posts in a forum and I tend to wander to another forum where I figure I’ll get more exposure to any questions I have.

The voting thing worries me. I know it seems like the most respected people will make the best decisions and things will end up greater than the sum of it’s parts, but I suspect you’ll end up seeing mostly cliques and people feeling left out while the popular posters guard the gates of entry.

I like the sharing revenue part, and frankly I think that’s the very best aspect of this idea. In fact, I’d use that communal revenue idea in something like a cross between Facebook, Twitter and a forum. Essentially have a Facebook thing with a forum attached and people are encouraged to invite ‘friends’ to discussions on the forum as well as broadcast short messages (Tweet like) to those who follow them. Or, when posting, have a spot for them to type the full post and a spot for them to type a quick broadcast version which acts as a tweet.

I probably wouldn’t join since I find the whole Facebook thing annoying and the Twitter thing even more so, but I’d guess people would like it.

EDIT: I posted this as you were posting your second post. Sorry if you already addressed some of what I said.