Idea to making money: monthly travel Taiwan - China

Dear all
I have one business trip monthly in CHina so I flight frequently between Taipei and SHENZHEN
Any idea how can we cooperate to make money with it?
The checked luggage limitation are 20 kg but normally I bring only my hand-luggage

I have no idea what goods Taiwanese wants from China and vice-versa

I know Taobao are shipping goods from CHina to Taiwan but with some fees

baby formula . Buy in Taiwan sell in China.

Need to be careful about baby formula. Last time I was going through HK airport there were signs up saying something along the lines of it being illegal to bring it into the country. Whether it’s the same across all of China, I’m not sure. But you’d better check before hand.

It’s a good idea, but would need to test it out. … -smugglers

I wouldn’t bother. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to earn that much to break even… because you’ll be a middleman. Squeezed on both ends. But taking this through HK is now a problem…

There are import/export/transit restrictions in HK on baby formula… look for something else with less of a problem!