Ideal Asian Face Has Been Determined by Definitely Scientific Method

A Taiwan study has determined Asia’s favorite face shape.

They say Asian, but the news story is totally only focused on female Asian, no reference to men, and it’s Taiwan research, and yada yada yada so much misogynistic bullshit, excuse me.

Maybe this will help cut back on the ugly fake pointy chin plastic surgery.

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In other news man bites horse. Developing store. Etc.

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Make it popular, can sell more cosmetics, magazines and plastic surgery :slight_smile:

Still waiting for the social trend of: Taiwans favorite psychology. Not a peice of shit.

Probably will die waiting.

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Shave that head and you got this:


Bit creepy how the child look is the new sexy. i bet a large percent would tap that alien if it had a wig…




I love that all these serious scientists with their grant-funded research and diagrams of faces basically confirm they’re just reporting what plastic surgeons in Korea have known for a decade.

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Lots of “news” I see on TV are literally promotions. Especially bad on CT news because they lost their TV status, so that’s the only way they can fund their operations.

Fixed it for you. :grin:


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I think this qualifies for …3(?) logical fallacies. As if there’s an ideal face. More importantly, it makes trouble for those of us who know the correct answer to ‘am I pretty?’


Grants and government projects is the new wellfare state. Not all bad.

I love the fact that the reasearcher is called “Dr Wu”.


She must be a bit miffed to discover that her own face shape is a long way from ideal.

Attractive research scientists only exist in James Bond films.

Wonder if I could get some research funding to determine if this is true…

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That’s sexy.

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I raise you one sexy middle aged scientist :howyoudoin: even James Bond-esquely working from a secret base in an abandoned, partly derelict military installation in south-western Taipei. Dabbling into understanding microplastics pollution sources.

He’s sexy I think, good looking - at least if I was into guys. Also, because he sometimes gives me beer to fix his decades old dating gizmos.

Oh, and if that doesn’t count, then there is his geology professor friend (looking like a taller version of Walter White… ok actually rather exactly like the bad guy on this movie’s poster) - who has some pretty attractive students. Who will be attractive research scientists soon.

Proved you wrong :slight_smile:

Does he keep them locked up in the basement?

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To be honest I don’t know for sure. But I have met those attractive students outside. In fact, I have never been to his basement. If he even has one.

Why this fixation for the “perfect” standard of beauty? What happens if you don’t happen to meet that standard? Have cosmetic surgery like Korea does? I mean you can’t expect nature to produce the same yet we humans think we can decide what’s perfect and what’s not.

What happens?Asia: South Korea

Europe: 2 forks in the road. UK royal family style or German Eugenics style.wait, shit. just eugenics, nevermind.

The Americas: Diversity is key, so is divorce and/or cheating.

Downunder: UKs rejects turned out to be FAR superior than UKs purist.

Africa: Im white, not allowed to have an opinion. But if a species of animal can be mostly hairless and.survive under that sun, dark skin pigmentation is not only an obvious outcome but must, by proxy, be attractive.