Ideal time to come to Taipei 2010

Hi I’ve had a look thorugh these forums, particularly at these two posts:

but none really seem to answer my question.
I’m stuck in New Zealand until the 13th of Feb. so the earliest I can make it would be Chinese New Year, the 14th.

My question is, regardless of the economy or the saturated labour market, when is the ideal time to land in Taipei and begin looking for work?

Many Thanks!

Logic might say that you have the best chances if you come in the summer, between school years, as schools staff-up for the upcoming semester. In my case, I came in April not even looking for jobs, but within a couple months I had 4 part-time gigs because teachers quit in the middle of their contracts and friends called me asking for help.

Ya just never know. I don’t think there is an “ideal”.

hey thanks for that CraigTPE

if wikipedia is to be believed (and im not always so sure of that) taiwanese spring semiester starts after Lantern Festival (in 2010 being 28th) would this be correct?
in any event I suppose this is irrelevant for cram schools, right? and is the latter where most newbie esl teachers find themselves?

Cram schools follow the same schedule as regular schools. As I am no longer in that area, I don’t know the exact schedules.

just make sure you will be present in taiwan more then 183 days of 2010 so that you can pay a lot less taxes.

thanks craig thats an important (and elementary) piece of information i should know.

ive heard about that tommy, duly noted.

Your best bet might be the week after Chinese New Year’s. In 2010, school should start back up again on February 21. Of course most schools that need new teachers will look to make changes before the Chinese New Year’s vacation begins.