Identify that avatar game

What order are the avatars in ?

  • gao_bo_han,Hobbes,jdsmith
  • Hobbes,jdsmith,gao_bo_han
  • jdsmith,Hobbes,gao_bo_han
  • gao_bo_han,jdsmith,Hobbes

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Below are 3 avatars. They belong to gao_bo_han,Hobbes and jdsmith but in what order ?

Vote for the order you think they are. And no peeking.

heh heh heh… :beatnik:

Slow night?

better yet BFM, name them old men.

Dammit, jdsmith. You made it too easy with just one post.

Whitman, Hobbes, and Darwin, by the way. Or as I call 'em, Wally, Johnny Boy, and Chuck.

Ok, So I’m only one who can’t the difference between the first and third one with their identical beards.

What the what what?

Is it just me, or do pimps and beards go together like ESL teachers and individually sliced cheese?


What the what what?[/quote]Sorry, that post belonged in my upcoming “guess the missing word” game.

They must have had the same beard stylist or something. Or the first guy copied Darwin’s head because he knew how to pass his genes on :howyoudoin: