Identify this ...bug?

As per title. This stowaway was found on a colleague’s desk this morning:


Spider? Tick? Google says mite, but that big?!

If you had something to confirm/compare size.

Spider Tree Mite perhaps?

That is what Google said. But how did it get in the office?! Does it mean there are more hiding here?

Are there plants in the office - could have crept in attached to one.

Don’t worry, we had some of those in our marihuana plants. They are safe to smoke.


Slow day in the bullpen…

No idea on species, but surely a mite.

They are common everywhere, dont sweat it. Anywhere there are animals, plants, fungi or soil there are likely mites. Its a battle you wont win, so dont bother, they re almost all harmless to you. Skin mites are probbaly the most annoying to people and pets, and this isnt that.

If it’s a mite, don’t ask how it got there. Mites are everywhere and nothing you can do to keep it out.

Yes. Yes it does.