Identifying yourself as a member of a country-factors?

I teach immigrant students in the US. Most say they will never feel ‘Amercian’ even if they live out the rest of their lives in America. A minority who have been in the US at tleast 2 years already feel ‘American’ sometimes. These are highschool kids. Do you think it is possible for you to feel you are a ‘Taiwanese’? Your children- whether they be mixed race or caucasian- do/will they feel they are Taiwanese/Chinese? What are the factors that go into forming one’s national identity?-v

Knowledge and participation in pop culture is one thing. When everyone is talking about The Simpsons or Desparate Housewives and you don’t have a clue…I can see how people feel they don’t fit in.

When I moved to different states I sometimes felt I didn’t fit in :smiley: I thought everybody loved the Simpsons?


Not now. I doubt he will in the future, either, but, who knows what the future holds.