Identity crisis

Is there anyway to merge my new identity into the one I used to have? I changed to Sir Donald Bradman because I thought I’d be retiring from petty matters, and only returning every now and then to impart useful informatin and the like :wink: That went a bit wrong :? So now I was thinking of going back to being Bu Lai En. Probably technically impossible.


And another think, how come my total posts actually goes down, when I haven’t done anything for too long?


Is this avatar too big?

Is that how you spell ‘om ma ni pei mi on’?

That’s better. Back to 1000. Sorry to waste your time. Have some of mine, I seem to have way too much of it today :laughing:



  1. It seems to be possible to merge user IDs, but this is a manual (time-consuming?) process. Let me know when you have chosen to stick to one account name (Bu Lai En?). I will need to have a good look at phpMyAdmin before I can make an attempt.


  1. Yes, your avatar is too big. Please make it smaller (or, at least, narrower)

  2. Your post count may drop if your posts are removed from the forum. Some moderators “clean up” their forums by trimming “me-too” postings (posts that say simply things like, “Thank you” or “Me, too”) – btw, I do not believe your G$ levels are affected by such pruning

How do you make an avatar smaller then? Do I have to download it, edit it and then create my own webpage to put it on? I really like that one.


I’ll resize it and host it for you. It’s the least I can do given the amount of time and posting you’ve done here.

If we ever rename this website again, we’d probably call it the

Thanks a lot Gus.