Idiot VS Ranting Crackpot: Who will win?

Who would say the most idiotic thing?

  • Ahmadinejad
  • Bush

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has challenged American President George W. Bush to a debate. A veritable clash of intellectual giants.

What other prominent figures would you like to see debate?
Ghandi vs Hitler?
Saddam Hussein vs Mother Theresa?
Dr_Zoidberg vs Tot? Oh wait, we’ve seen that one.

Muhammed Ali (then) vs. Bill O’Reilly… that’d be good.

Dennis Miller vs. Bill Maher, with Jon Stuart moderating and Dennis Leary occasionally dropping bombs. Not only funny, it’d be damn near the first genuine political debate in aeons. Pass the popcorn.

Bush? Ahmadinthehead? Difficult to call…they’re both whackjobs.

I’d like to see Al Franken vs. Bill O’Reilly. Oh, that’s been done!

How about Bob Dylan vs. Tom Petty?

They’re buddies. Not much of a debate there.

How about Coulter v. Jon Stewart. I know who’d get skewered. Hell, I’d like to see Stewart go up against any of those pundits.

[quote]When Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, invited President Bush to engage in a “direct television debate” a few days ago, the White House predictably responded by calling the offer “a diversion.” But even though this debate will never happen, it’s worth contemplating.

Both presidents are propaganda junkies – or, more precisely, propaganda pushers – so any such debate would overdose the audience with self-righteous arrogance. The two presidents are too much alike.

Each man, in his own way, is a fundamentalist: so sure of his own moral superiority that he’s willing to push his country into a military confrontation. This assessment may be a bit unfair to Ahmadinejad, who hasn’t yet lied his nation into war; the American president is far more experienced in that department.[/quote]

:slight_smile: …from a decent essay found here:

What about an air guitar competition? I reckon Bush would win that.

Geee…like this thread is going to break new ground…:homer:

The president who lays the longest turd wins!

So how does that work, exactly? Do they lie down together? Oh sorry, I thought you said the president who is the…

The biggest, don’t you mean? The president who lays the biggest t… wait a minute, how would we judge the winner? Back to debating, I guess.

For starters, here’s a few that might be entertaining…

David Duke vs Fehr (sp?) Kahn
Pat Robertson vs Chavez
Vicente Fox vs Chris Simcox (MinuteMen)
Charlton Heston vs. Hillary Clinton
Paris Hilton vs. Jerry Falwell

Al Sharpton vs Condi Rice

Oprah vs Ann Coulter

Tom Cruise vs Brook Shields

Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston

James Carville vs Cheney

Rudy Gulliani vs Ray Nagin

The Pope vs. Tom Cruise


:laughing: The Pope vs T.C.! He apologised to Brooke Shields, apparently.