That is some major league idiocy.

“That was a bad, bad idea”

“negative consequences”. Well, yes.

Goodness , what is wrong with these kids? This one had me a bit worried for a moment until I read that it was last November :grinning: I was reaching for my phone to call home :face_with_monocle:



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Geez those people are stupid.

I’m wondering if that guy was secretly into bondage stuff and used this as an excuse.


Jesus you mean?

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I guess he was a leave rather than remain voter.

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A woman would have been better at multitasking. That’s why we’ve had no reported accidents involving women masturbating while driving.

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Lack of focus is another way to say multi tasking

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A classic

Typical example of an arrogant, idiotic expat thinking the rules don’t apply to him (in this case, international waters). This one is a doozy though. He could face the death penalty for building his stupid sea base. I feel sorry for him, but play stupid games…

Really stupid. But I cannot say that’s deserving of the death penalty.

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Yeah that’s not Kansas