Idling at light: how long to turn off engine

Yes, you chose a good car there. I’m a fan of the Mazda 3. I especially like the hatch version, but hatches have never been as popular here when there is a saloon version for some weird reason. I’m sure some people also don’t know there is a hatch version of the Mazda 3 too.

Come on 8K a month is nothing I used to spend more than that on a night in Carnegies. :smiley:

Do Carnegies sell 98?

I regularly kill my Dink at red lights over 30 seconds. I just don’t see the point of polluting just to sit there. It has a handy kill switch by my right thumb and I don’t have a problem doing it. If my starter wears out prematurely that’s OK. Maybe the engine will lose oil pressure and be unprotected for a split second and wear out prematurely as well. Oh darn. I don’t worry too much about runaway gravel trucks. If I was stuck in the middle of a pack I would be screwed anyway. As it is, I usually position myself near either a curb, the front of the pack, the middle of the pack, or the left hand side.

I use my scooter mostly for commuting to my jobs, shopping, or recreational riding outside of town. The MRT is a nice air-conditioned alternative for Taipei madness.