IE 7 Sucks

I’ve been using firefox for a while now and really love it. Occasionally, some sites need IE to run properly. It’s been a while since I updated IE so I installed IE7 a couple of days ago.

Firstly, there was quite a hassle to go thru the MS genuine validation process, but when I finally got IE in and running, I have found it to be sluggish, slow and generally bloody awful.

My system requirements far exceed the minimum, so not really sure why it’s running so shitty.

because it is made by Microsoft? :idunno:

I find the IE tab add-on for Firefox works fine with sites that aren’t coded to W3C standards - I’ve never needed to use IE since installing that add-on.

Truant, you just don’t understand Microsoft culture. No one TOLD you to install IE7. If you can’t handle it, I suggest you use IE Tab for Firefox.