IE bug

I run a Chinese WIN2000 professional (with Chinese Office XP). Obviously, my IE has a bug. I get error messages with a lot of internet pages that I try to load. One just occured when I went to the site of a German newspaper. The error message was something like (I’m translation freely from Chinese):

Occured: Runtime Error
Want to debug?
line: 98
Error: Object expected
Yes - No

This ist just one of many, all with different kinds of errors in different lines. When I click on “Yes”, I am asked to select a debugger. In this case, it was: New instance of MS Script editor. When I click on “Yes”, it leads me right into the right line of the IExplorer.exe. Of course, I can’t debug, as I don’t know anything about computers.

When I click on No in the very first error message, I can access the site I was trying to access without difficulties.

What is that? Is it serious? My brother’s suggestion was to deinstall Windows and reinstall - :unamused:

Can I just go on or just I try to get this fixed? Any suggestions?


Download the latest version of Netscape, so more MS headache :laughing:



I had thought about that. But will Netscape run with my Chinese OS alright?



You can disable debugging in Tools/internet options/advanced/disable script debugging

The reason for the bugs is not your IE but the code on the web site pages.


That sounds good. I think I’ve found it in my Chinese menu.

Thanks so much!


Always click on “No”.

As stated in a previous posting, the problem is with the HTML script in the internet page you are viewing. It is not a problem with your IE software.

say No, plus make sure to update your windows a lot of viruses spread that way, to update go to tools->windows update.

IE doesn’t have any bugs … it is a BUG! :laughing:

It’s not a BUG, its a feature! :laughing:

Thanks, Nox, for your really useful answer. Hasn’t happened since.

I know that there are better solutions than Microsoft, but I’m just too much of a computer-illiterate to use anything else but good old Windows :? especially, after the only guy in my office who had some knowledge about computers left, and I haven’t found anybody else yet. So, sticking to what I know is probably the best thing I can do right now.

Thanks anyway

I gave up Netscape about 2 years ago when it started putting Chinese Characters on their side - has it grown up - I could use it with Chinese Traditional Win 98SE OK???

Go to the OPERA

I used OPERA about a year ago and enjoyed it. It was more stable than IE but it didn’t sit too happily with Windows or Outllok Express. Is anyone satisfied with using the latest version?

I’ve given in: I switched to Netscape. It’s a bit of a pain getting used to the UI, but I’ll make it :wink:

Luckily, it imports my IE bookmarks.

Where does Netscape store the bookmarks??? Can’t find them!


I really enjoy Netscape 7.0. It has improved a lot of the just downright unstable, unfinished and awkward aspects of Netscape 6.0.

  • Tabs like in Opera.
  • Cleaned up buggy-ness of the Java interface.
  • Relatively fast.
  • Fully standards based with IE compatibility for the most part.
  • Included the toys of IE, like auto-complete.
  • Netscape Composer for standards-based uncomplicated HTML editing.
  • The easiest install ever for Netscape.
  • More technical control over browsing than in IE.
  • Not IE.

I now use Mozilla exclusively. It has most if not all of the features Jeremy lists. See

Actually, my question was if anybody knows where to find the Netscapre bookmarks in the system files, so I can copy them easily?

Jeremy, do you happen to know?


Sorry, I don’t know. I’m traveling at the moment and not at my home computer. I’d have to look myself as I’ve never had a need to locate the actual file.

[quote=“Iris”]I’ve given in: I switched to Netscape. It’s a bit of a pain getting used to the UI, but I’ll make it :wink:

Luckily, it imports my IE bookmarks.

Where does Netscape store the bookmarks??? Can’t find them!


It’ll be somewhere much like:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\vhs0o7sd.slt\bookmarks.html

…depending of course on your login (admin, user etc.) and the profile name will be different.

Another nice thing about Netscape is that 95% of virii are written for M$ products. Have fun.