If a bill passed In executive yuan is it 100% will passed also to legislative yuan?

I wonder coz there is certain bill that it didnt go on the floor for a debate and only in the committee so my questions are:
1)is there is a chance that even the last sessions for example only of the year 2019 it didnt passed then can it brought up again in the committe for 2020?coz im thinking maybe it will be dissolve or disapprove and it will not pass that bill anymore
2) I wonder if a certain bill passed in executive yuan is it also 100% will passed in the legislative yuan?
3)i want to know if there is any incident that a bill have passed in the executive yuan but until the end of the presidency of a president it didnt pass or the next election the bill still there?or maybe dissolve?

Nothing is 100% sure in politics.


I know there is at least one such case. Amendments of 補習教育法/ 補習及進修教育法.
MOE intended to ban buxibans for under 6 kids and it passed the executive yuan, but didn’t pass the legislative yuan.

There must be a lot more.

It took more than (might be almost) 20 years that 海岸管理法 passed the legislative yuan since the first time it was submitted.

5 years for 政黨法.

難民法 has not been passed for 15 years.

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