If a job was cancelled in a day where would I stand visa wise?

Before covid took over everything I was considering resigning the job I have done for over a year. The atmosphere is fairly toxic though I have been managing. Of course, now the plan is to stay at least until August and see what happens in the world. If I was to resign could I get the usual 6 month extension without a problem? As the situation has worsened between myself and a couple of local individuals (exacerbated I think by covid tensions…‘you are so lucky to be here’ etc…, it has occurred to me that it is always possible a sudden argument might lead to an immediate request for me to leave… If a job was cancelled in a day where would I stand visa wise?

I am fairly new to Taiwan and do not know the answer to such questions. In this latter, bleak scenario what would be my options? Would I still be given some notice and the ARC be valid for long enough to extend.? Like I say, I certainly want to stick around until at least August . Of course I hope things will not turn out as bleakly as my worst case scenario. But in the time of covid it is best to be prepared.

I would appreciate answers from long timers in Taiwan with actual knowledge.

After you are let go of a job, you can ask for a 6 month extension on your ARC to look for another job. Yes, you need to ask. No, it doesn’t matter what is printed on your ARC. Guess they understand that leaving Taiwan is a bit problematic right now.



immediately before the completion of your ARC cancellation process. It may be a few days if your employer is mean.

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Many thanks. I need to immediately go to the immigration office and try to extend if I know the ARC is being cancelled? Is that the idea?

Sorry guys and I hope it doesn’t come to this…but I am trying to cover the bases.

yes. They would send a document to cancel your work permit to Labour department, and the department would notice it to NIA, then your ARC would be canceled. You should get a contract termination document from your employer, unless impossible. It makes everything simple.