If China invades

Would you stay or go? Why?

And what if there’s very little advance warning–say, a surprise attack that only takes a few days. (I’m thinking paratroopers first, then they airlift in more troops once they secure an airport).) If you couldn’t get on a plane (or couldn’t take your family for some reason), would you stay indoors? Head for the hills? What?

I think you’ve asked a question few people will want to answer.

I’ve asked my Taiwanese friends the same question, and they all respond “bukeneng!” I don’t think it’s going to happen either, but I also think emergency preparedness is a good idea. You have to consider what may happen without being so paranoid that it affects your life in a negative way.

Personally, if bombs start dropping on us, I’m driving straight to the hill country well out of Taipei, where friend of mine has a large, well-stocked home far away from any military base.

Well! I for one think we should all march to AIT and demonstrate and we should also play peace songs on our “peace kazoos”. This way we’ll let the Americans know that the world is completely against Bush’s “War for Rice” and…

Wait a second…you said CHINA…oh well…never mind. :laughing:

I’ll just shout “You can’t shoot me, I’m BRITISH for heaven’s sake!” That should stop ‘em. Failing that, I’ll go for staight outta Compton – "I gotta shotgun and here’s the plot, Takin’ commies out in a flurry of buckshot."


My wife, daughter, mother-in-law, and I will be getting the hell out of Dodge.

sandman wrote:

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wow…people taking it back to n.w.a…

as for me and an attack, i’d just keep on going to work. if a war in iraq or sars can’t slow this city down, why would a direct attack from china stop anything?

Because they don’t have Rummy and his smart-bombs. I will be out of here in no time though I am afraid I might be happen to be in Matsu or Kinmen - and then there will be no escape … :?

From what I understand, it is questionable whether the island’s military can hold off China even for a few days (sorry Poagao). This means there may not be time to flee by air. What, then, could we expect? Rape and pillage? Summary executions in the streets?

Of course the whole premise is a long-shot, but still…contingency planning, someone said.

How about we all put Canadian Flag patches on our backpacks. Everybody loves Canadians. :wink:

Tell them you know Da Wu or whatever that Canadian TV show host on CCTV is called.

Actually lots of Chinese still respect the memory of and are still taught about that Canadian doctor (name starts with a B?) who came to China during WWII (or thereabouts) and immunized or did something to heal a lot of Chinese people.

Fight hard.

You mean months?

If the first barrage of missiles came over during my office hours, I’d be leaving here in a casket if they could find any bits to ship out – I work in a government building just a stone’s throw from the presidential office, so I guess we’d cop one of the first hits. If the attack came at any other time of day, I’d stay away from work and see what happened, but probably wouldn’t consider running from the island – it’s home to me now, so I’ll stick with it come hell or high weather.

Norman Bethune

You mean months?[/quote]

Exactly. It would at least be months, if not impossible for China to take over Taiwan. I think it is ridiculous that most people think China can just walk in and there’s nothing we can do about it.

this is not iraq and china is not the US…no clear aerial superiority or naval superiority would make it a hell of a job.

I’d like to see the mess down south of Taiwan…thats where the fight would be.

There will be no show of force for a change of power in Taiwan. The US would only come to the aid of Taiwan (which no Americans would support other than the small population of Taiwanese born US immigrant citizens which mainly live in Orange County, California) if it were attacked. China could set up an economic blockade and the island would crumble into submission in less than two weeks without a single shot being fired.

 Even though an economic blockade would be possible, it is not necessary.  All China has to do is pick up the phone and tell whoever (is in charge of Taiwan at the time) that it is time to "go".  Any politician with dual citizenship would be on the next flight to Canada.  Anyone who thinks your average Taiwanese citizen would actually put up a fight to defend this rock is greatly mistaken.  Don't forget, it was the losers (aka - KMT) which fled the mainland and  set up shop here in Taiwan.  

 As for me I'll plop my beach chair on a busy street corner with a beer in one hand, my video camera in the other and a sign advertising free English lessons to the PRC troops reclaiming a land which was theirs to begin with in the first place.