If China

What will you do when China invades Taiwan?

Run? Swim?

I guess one of those is the correct answer based only on the subforum we are.


Answer with one line .

Will the weight rooms at the sports centers be 50 renminbi per hour?

Hoping they will bring some 四川 cuisine and vastly improve the local eating experience.

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Change my Chinese typing app to simplified characters.

I don’t think they will but if they do, I will be making a beeline for AIT. I’m probably not the only one thinking this way.

I’ll put Megadeth on my MP3 player and power up the BFG9000. No, wait, that was a different bunch of aliens. Anyway, those alien bastards are gonna pay for shootin up my ride.



It will probably look something like the Saigon embassy in 1975.

Wow. I certainly hope not. But perhaps I should rethink my plan…Even though it’s unlikely that China will attack like this, I’ll check into to what Americans are supposed to do when abroad.
I figured the plan would be more like this…https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-taiwan-youth/china-tries-to-charm-tech-savvy-taiwanese-youth-as-political-ties-fray-idUSKBN1FR0LB
I read reports of this over and over, and still can’t see what the benefit would be for Taiwanese. Maybe Taiwanese young people dislike free press or voting or the right to protest? (sarcasm)

Thanks for the laugh! Ah, the memories… come get some!

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Way ahead of you bro. I even got the little red book app.

I’d tell you, but I don’t want to lower my social credit.

This statement just lost you 100 points…

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But do you have the multiplayer version that’s enabled for stuggle sessions?

Is running an option? I mean you’re stuck on an island. Perhaps this question should be rephrased ‘how far can you swim based on your current physical fitness level when China invades?’ I think I’d make it a few meters before drowning unfortunately.

But you should run first, right? In Leeds you’re already in the river Or the sea.

Not sure that will happen. Uncle Xi isn’t an idiot, and this is not a Chinese way (Tibet was completely another story).

Really liked one of the last remarks from somewhere on the internet: “Xi promised to deal with Taiwan during his reign. Since now his reign is unlimited… Taiwan can wait”.