If Herd Immunity is the goal and we don't vax kids below 12, must my 10yo wait 2 years to travel?


This article is encouraging, and I think I understand how the virus becoming endemic is essentially/eventually a good thing: it is when no one has immunity that it is the most problematic.

We are here on an island that has had very little infection compared to the rest of the planet, so I guess we will fall behind in this effect? In most places, people will build immunity because they get infected (herd immunity?) and the vaccinations will help ensure you either have immunity ready so you the infection is much more manageable when you do get sick.

Vaccines will be administered to 12-18 year olds starting next month (Pfizer willing). If there are no plans to vaccinate children below 12 anytime soon, should I think waiting 2 years before my 10 year old can travel?

I don’t think your question has much to do with “herd immunity.”

The real question is: do forumosans think it is safe for an unvaccinated 10 year old to travel?

My additional questions would be: where? and what kind of safety are you looking for?


Herd immunity is never happening, at least globally, sorry to say. Virus is too endemic and the Delta variant is too transmissible, even if you’re vaccinated.

Still good to get vaccinated, since it’ll prevent the virus from causing serious illness in the majority of cases.

I have a 4 year old, and parents overseas that are really getting on in age. It’s tough they can’t see each other. I hope they start vaccinating all ages soon.

It could be possible. These current vaccines are tooled for the original Coronavirus.

They know how to make these proteins now, they could make vaccines tooled for the Delta variant relatively easily.

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I think we just have to accept that our travel plans will be severely curtailed for some years to come, unless there is some massive and sustained public pushback.

It has absolutely nothing to do with herd immunity. Global exposure to the virus must surely be almost complete by now - except for people living out in the back of beyond, I suppose - which suggests that most people have some level of functional immunity.

You may be right that Taiwan has been “insulated” from this effect and will (sooner or later) experience a surge of cases and deaths while the rest of the world does not. Personally I don’t think so, but if it happens then restrictions will tighten and remain in place for a long time.

If you’re worried about your child being allowed to travel, I would consider about making a noise rather than silently complying (and exposing your child to an unknown risk of harm).

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Who exactly is forbidding 10 years from travelling?



They could…but I suspect that after the months it would take to roll them out, it wouldn’t be the delta variant they’d need to protect against anymore. (And round and round and round…)

You need to read up on why Delta is so problematic. It isn’t that simple.

Indeed. Travel wise most countries/airlines ask for PCR.

Question is, indeed: is it safe for kids to travel?

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Safe for the kids?

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Safe for everyone.

If that is the objective then nobody should travel anywhere. However, you did specify kids.

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From the virus. Not counting plane crashes, armed robbery, political instability…

Even in the old country, tourists are more in danger of becoming a crocodile’s dinner than catching a deadly bug. Montezuma’s revenge, though…

Kids are at risk from the virus?

A little. Delta is resulting in a lot more pediatric hospitalizations than previous variants.

Not really. To date in the US, a total of 361 kids under the age of 18 have died with Covid, and most of those were older and had significant comorbidities. This is a small fraction of deaths with pneumonia and the flu, and well below the annualized deaths from the flu in a typical flu season.


I’m a pretty compliant chap. I have taken a shot in the arm and will take another to allow myself to live a normal life. However, unnecessarily vaccinating my ten year old daughter and thereby putting her at risk is the line in the sand.


I just about said the same thing…did you mean to reply here: Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - July/August 2021 - #2474 by Mithrandir

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I’m reaching breaking point with the obsession with getting everyone vaccinated. It makes no sense and I will not allow children to die.

If anyone can provide a logical answer as to how vaccinating children is more beneficial to children than not vaccinating them then I’m all ears. To date the arguments look purely selfish.


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Are you aware of any good numbers on deaths due to the vaccine? I don’t see much about this, and my own searches get me non-answers. This, of course, is enough to make me not want to vaccinate my kids seeing as Covid is not as deadly to them as the flu, but I’d like data.