If I could change the title above my avatar

mine would read “Tin foil recycler.”

The rules here are easy.

1-You may suggest titles for yourself or other users but only if it’s done with friendly intentions, in a friendly way. I have never used the squeal button before but I’m a click away and more determined than ever. Do not break rule number one.

2-Never forget rule number one.

3-Have fun.


It wasn’t me!

I saw it all happen.

You’re lucky I don’t know where you live then… :smiling_imp:

Then again…Kaohsuing aint that far away… :wink:

I don’t remember a thing

On a bad da: “Victim of Circumstance”

[quote=“bobepine”]mine would read “Tin foil recycler.”

You chase the dragon??

[quote=“Infidel”][quote=“bobepine”]mine would read “Tin foil recycler.”

You chase the dragon??[/quote]I just thought it sounded OK. I find it has a good ring to it.

Another one I would use is : “Bamboo Scaffold Builder”


Oprah worshipper.
Philippians 4:13
Romans 12

Scam Real Estate Sales Office Banner Waver

On second thought, whenever I’m having a particularly good day, I’d go with “Kwisatz Haderach”.

“Light Dagger Swinging Parking Instructor”

Dan Bing Flipping Breakfast Shop Hottie

traffic light real estate brochure distributor


traffic light flower merchant

Lost blue slippers at KTV

Taiwan Glutton

Eye candy voyeur

Hey! That’s lingerie!

Dumplings and noodles


English Teacher with Headband

Lost in the Supermarket