If I receive my Gold Card during my 90 day Visa stay, do I need to re-enter Taiwan?

Assuming my 90 days run out, do I need to leave the country then reenter and requarantine? Trying to avoid a second quarantine if possible

Your following post in the other thread seems to imply that you already have the gold card, no?

Does this mean that you successfully applied for the gold card abroad, entered Taiwan with the resident authorization thing, and picked up the physical card here? Are you sure you really entered with a 90-day visa?

In any case, if you receive the gold card here you shouldn’t need to leave the country (at least I didn’t earlier last year when switching from a visa exemption to the gold card). I won’t be the one coming to bail you out of prison though, so it wouldn’t hurt to check with NIA. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m facing a similar question right now. I went to NIA recently to ask to be totally sure, and was told that there wouldn’t be a need to re-enter the country if you get the gold card within your 90 days, since it gives you an ARC. If I can get the gold card within 90 days I am still planning to take it in person back to NIA and show them my current visa + gold card and double check in person.

Very astute! Actually, one of the posts was for my friend and the other was for me. I posted under my name for brevity’s sake. I am always impressed with the attention to detail here in forumosa.

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Good idea, I will be doing the same thing when I ask to extend my visa from 90 days to 180 days. Hopefully the gold card will take priority.