If in tranist at Narita Airport (Tokyo)

If you are in transit at Narita Airport and you can’t get into one of the “Red Carpet” clubs (because you’re not flying first or business class, or don’t have enough miles) but still want to relax, here are a few ideas.

In Terminal One, near Gate 25, there is a public lounge. It’s not that well marked, and it is down a floor, kind of in an out of the way spot. There are places to plug in and power up a laptop–with chairs and work spaces if you want to work. The best part are the lounge chairs. You can pretty much recline all the way back and the seats are comfortable enough for snoozing. They also have “shiatsu” massage chairs, but I didn’t try those.

Before I get flamed, I realize that travelers can stretch out anywhere and make themselves at home in the seats near their gates. However, I liked this area becuase it was quiet and not at all crowded.

I also enjoyed spending time at the “bar” – not really a jetset lounge, but a collection of chairs in an open lobby area of Terminal One. Guiness, Kirin, and some other beers on tap. Pints and half-pints. Some finger food : jiaozi, a pretty sad-looking cheese plate. Prices are not dirt cheap, but it is an airport and in Japan, so I didn’t feel that bad paying for my beer and snack. I met some interesting characters here, some U.S. militatry, and since the bar is in the middle of the lobby, it is a pretty good place to people watch.

I also noticed a day room with shower facilities. Can’t remember the cost, but it might be an option, too.

Anyway, just some ideas for the traveler in tranist in Tokyo. I know that United seems to be flying a lot through Japan (has it become a new Aisa hub for them). So chances are you may find yourself at Narita someday.