IF Mr. Korean Fish becomes president in 2020

What then?

China and the qorld are different places, ever changing. But it is hard to deny China is becomming more of a problem.

So what then when kmt regains office next year? What can taiwan do to defend, amongst other things, our economy?

Dpp has made half steps in pretending to care the few years prior to this disaster but is it enough?

What are peoples plans when (if…) this happens next year? Its a pretty real liklihood, my money is on the public voting in korean fish and kmt, but this time im more worried they may not even regret it.

My plan, life goes on.
World was supposed to end (for right-wingers) when Obama won.
World was supposed to end (for left-wingers) when Trump won.
Same went for the eras of CSB and MYJ. China was either supposed to invade on independence issue or unite with Taiwan on closer ties.
Did the world end?
The :earth_africa: is still spinning?
May I ask how old you are in a polite serious way? Don’t worry about politics too much.


I suppose its more about planning not so much worrying. Because i am all in while in Taiwan i need to make decisions for my future and my business. I have a child and a wife and family back home. It woyldnt be reaponsible to just say the world spins on. But lots of bad stuff happens while it spi s and it would be really quite nice to avoid that. Doing business in Asia, including China, it is ever obvious this are changing. I know I am not the only one thinkin about this and realizing it. One of our businesses is all but dried up since last year due to Chinas reatrictions on foreigners and taiwan.

I wish I could just quit. Reporting on him is going to be a nightmare.

I do agree the chance is he will be elected. And this being the last election Taiwan will be allowed to have, as per China speak, it is indeed going to be very regrettable.

As a note thread title should read “WHEN Mr. Korea becomes president in 2020” not “IF”.

I dont have access to edit it back…whats up with that?? You didnt even spell check my post, just changed the meaning of the title…if ya gonna change the theme for some strange reason at least help a brother out and fix his typos.

@icon. Out of curiosity, are you a reporter, editor or? Do you publish in chinese or english media? Just curious, no need to post details if you dont want.

so how is his ‘we will make you rich from doing business in china’ policy working out in gaoshiung then?

Taiwan should actually be pretty pissed about doing business with China. US isn’t the only ones China steak IP from. Taiwanese firms constantly get their IP stolen in China as well. And has been happening for a long time since Taiwan has always made up the bulk of FDIs into China. Korean Fish will continue to sell us out.

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^^^yup… WTF is up with all the stupid rubbish in this thread?

CTaitung had the right idea. It won’t matter much either way. China already won the war. It’s just a show death march into submission.

However, it’s obvious Korea Fish hasn’t the electability to win. He’s just an ugly drunkard gangster that’s in way over his head. Vegetable English has it in the bag. Only a Gou/Ko ticket would have a chance now. The KMT is either hopelessly ignorant or purposely throwing the election because they foresee a rough four years ahead and plan to use it to their advantage in the future.


That is possibly true. I mean english nine is behind him…

Though im not so optimistic as you, seems the population is ready for stupid again.

The reason to plan ahead is if they win we will very likely get another Ma situation which sold out domestic industry and we then became very reliant on china. Now a shit ton of businesses are crippled due to china not buying, taxing, holding things at port etc etc. That is a serious problem. Nevermind all the other crazy china shit getting more and more intense.

I am very pro-KMT and hate the DPP, but I’d rather see another four years of Vegetable English than a Korea Fish presidency.

I’d prefer Gou to be president.

Enjoy being swamped by massive loads of Chinese tourists who will be heavily “encouraged” to come here by the mainland.

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No one was, is or will be enjoying that. The city people in taiwan are hard enough to handle, mever mind the chinese tourists.

Not even the kmt supporters like above can stand that type of .crowd. Thats kind of the point of discussion. When this happens, what is your plan of action? Taiwan isnt big, limited places to run. Those places that are nice socially tend to be dangerous naturally and less feasibly financially. So…?

But island wide we are gping to suffer an economic blow if we get another round of KMT. sorry rogerrabbit, but we all know its true. And I am with you on not being a DPP fan. The economy will evermore become fixed into chinas grip anf take us further down the hole like Ma did last time. Pretty sure with world events and taiwan the way it is going this may be one of the last straws as far as economy and politics. Too many losses an certainly not enough gains. So, what can one do? Aside from voting, as in effort.


What to do?
DPP President Tsai can summon the zero courage she’s shown so far on this urgent issue (re HK) and have independence referendum on day of presidential election.

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That is what she, the president, can do. Do you ever plan for anything? Politics do matter as annoying as that may seem.

Pretend a super typhoon is coming. Logic dictates storing some water, food and other supplies is a good idea.

Politics related to China, same deal. Things are happening; what are you doing, if anything, to prepare? It aint rocket science, contrary to some peoples belief. It also aint tinfoil hat category either…not everythin is just let it happen and figure it out later, man. Wish it was :slight_smile:

Edit. One point i do agree with tou on is DPP fumbling this golden opportunity for pro taiwan support amidst HK issues and china being their usual dicks. But then so has kmt, this is taiwan dropping the ball not really JUST Tsai. And Tsai has done some things to at least try to promote the island. She is no Chen, but he got put in jail by the kmt. Again…

The plan as per China´s hard core CCP, is to replace Taiwna people with their own people. I mean, they can just send boatload after boatload of surplus people, they do not care about the environment and hope to destroy all traces of the past as they really do hate everything Taiwan represents. Oh, and orchid called Formosa? Nuke it!

Which will make us lose all international support and hence have China blast us with the international community blessing.

US is against de jure independence, as is Japan, the EU, and everyone else. As much as we wish and as much as we know it is the right, ethical thing to do, Taiwan was set up from the start as it cannot choose its destiny for itself.

All international agreements, from flight patters to trade regulations, were signed as ROC or Chinese Taipei. Taiwan has no judiciary identity. They can simply cut us off and no one will care.

I mean, they are massacring the Uighur, anmd not even the Muslim countries complain. China could be involved in terrorist attacks, hacking, currency manipulation, etc. and no one does a thing. the powers that be gave it that power and cash. It has gotten away with everything because in the worst case scenario it can simply throw millions of people either as cannon fodder or refugees. either way, the West cannot stand against them.


Bold prediction: No major changes occur. Another election will be held in 2024.

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You don’t know that.
The media said the world would be in Great Depression 2 with all the trade wars Trump is fighting.
But that’s textbook thinking. He played the wars at the perfect time when there is a shortage of US dollars AND when China is weak.
So, it’s all talk by China until some Taiwan president actually has the guts to put up independence referendum.
Until then it’s all armchair thinking.

Until Trump, unfortunately for many that see the brutish nature of China and the rising ambitions combined with a string of complaints like IP theft, they are also more ideologically driven by a deep seated loathing for Trump than they are to see China reigned in.