If Roe is struck down

A lot of people have said it doesn’t matter if Roe v. Wade is overturned because it will just revert back to the states: states like California and Massachusetts will legalise it, while Alabama and Missouri will ban it. Can they? I mean Democrats will be pushed to pass a federal law allowing it; Republicans will be pushed the opposite way. Would the federal government have jurisdiction through a regular law (not a Constitutional amendment)?

I think it’s a nuclear issue for both sides. Neither will want to touch it.
I think it’ll be a state issue like you said, if it’s struck down.

I’m 99% sure it won’t be struck down in its entirety though. At least in the current make-up of the Roberts court. Chipped away at, probably more likely. Death by a thousand paper cuts.

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It will stay the same. Americans want choice but also don’t support late term abortion. Taking a life is serious. One of my dear friends who is a gay man asked me how I can be pro life, and I was baffled by this. I’m thinking that how a gay man can question my support for women considering that I know what it is like to bring life into the world. When you feel this baby growing, you want to protect the baby and I can’t imagine how anyone can let any harm come to he or she. It really is a similar feeling of owning a pet and then seeing someone abusing one. You can’t understand how anyone can hurt them. I call myself a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I’m all for choice but also for helping people who have no place to turn. I don’t want the government involved in my decisions but also creeped out that Margaret Sanger was a Eugenicist. America is a nation of so so many different colors of people so anything that smells of selectively choosing who should reproduce makes me sick to my stomach. A black or poor child deserves to live just as much as any other child.


This might be a glimpse of what’s to come. I’m posting a wiki link but if you feel like it Google other articles discussing this fiasco/sh!tstorm/drama.

A woman can tell me about her having a baby, but I’ll never know what it is to have a baby.
—Paul Mooney

The sad thing about this “arguement” is what I notice is not being discussed. I don’t hear pro-lifers discussing solutions that would persuade someone not to have an abortion. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of listening to lots of conservative Catholic radio (and by God do they beat this drum) about why abortion needs to end and not once have I hear a reasonable solution.

I don’t think anyone is for ending a life but when you (general sense) weigh it against the unknown when one already has plenty of unknown variables operating in their lives, it does seem like a reasonable decision. :2cents:

I’m also baffled by why feminists aren’t against abortions because girls are disproportionately aborted. This seems like a terrible reality no one wants to touch.

I’m not aware of girls in the US being disproportionately aborted. Is there some link I can read about this?

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Maybe you’re not listening to the right people. I’ve been a strong advocate for adoption if one doesn’t want to keep it, adoption is free in the US. You have tremendous control as well if you want to on who to give the child to and if you can contact the child or the other way around.

Many such Catholic or Protestant church’s have organizational money put aside to help women who want to abort due to costs by covering such costs for them. Mine did and I’ve seen it with many churches.

It’s a dollar to buy a pack of condoms, 30$ for a months worth o birth control. Abstinence is 100% free. It seems completely avoidable in most cases. I don’t envy the difficult situation of unplanned pregnancy, but it’s a natural consequence of sex. People should emphasize this, sex isn’t without consequences.


No I’ve hear the argument about adoption. That’s A solution. Not solutions.

I think in this case there is a need for multiple options.

As for the birth control and abstinence position, it doesn’t include the reasons people seek abortions. All abortions don’t come down to two folks having sex and oops sh!t went left.

It’s around 99%. Less than 1% are from cases like rape.

Adoption is a very reasonable solution. It’s free and many families are waiting to welcome a child into their loving home. Win win. Idk what kind of solution you think there can be.

It’s not easy to track as the gender of aborted babies are not really tracked. But it’s a common preference still. Gallop polls seem to suggest a preference for boys over girls in the US. We know for sure it’s a thing in parts of the world like China and India.

Do you have a link for this statistic?

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Yes. https://www.nytimes.com/1989/10/13/us/rape-and-incest-just-1-of-all-abortions.html

That’s 30 years old. Do you have anything from this century?

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Adoption IMO is not always a viable solution. It’s not always free AFIK there are fees, like lawyer fees. And not every home is loving. Two adoptees in my family, and both have issues from it. One more than the other.

Adoption is about choosing if one wants to or not parent. Abortion is about reproductive rights. I think we (general sense) need to stop conflating the two. And in some states adoption isn’t an option if both parents aren’t on board. And in some cases adoption isn’t going to happen, so a child languishes in the foster care system until 18.

There needs to be more options than this Rose colored idea of adoption.

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It is. Many NGOs and non profits will help as well. You can also usually get a family to cover the cost to carry the baby to term as well if that’s something you both can agree to.


Better than dead. And you have a lot of control on finding a loving home.

It’s about how to avoid the natural consequences of sex. You have a choice not to reproduce, that’s your right. You should not have the right to take another life because you made a bad decision.

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This was a poll on preference. And even in the implications section no where did it imply that this would have an impact on abortion.

I’mma need better and more recent receipts than the one above to see any validity in your premise.

It is on a global scale.

Read it yourself.

I’m aware of it in a global scale, but this discussion is about Roe vs Wade and US. Let’s try to stay on track here :wink::joy: