If Taiwan had more modern banking and financial systems, would it receive more foreign investment?

  • If Taiwan had more modern banking and financial systems, would it receive more foreign investment?
  • Yes, substantially
  • Yes, but not by much
  • No

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Prizu vote in poll.

Not necessarily. if someone really wants to do business here, they find a way. Plus, the foreign investement is paid into TW businesses, so they dont have a problem, they are used to it.
Things would be done faster thought, it wont take forever to get your money, and it might encourage people to do more things if the hurdles of the banking system are lower.
Rule of law, product quality, price levels and trustworthyness of the suppliers are the key factors IMHO.


Absolutely, especially in the SME space. Ease of getting accounts and credit is important to drive interest in getting people to set up here.

Generally Taiwan will make exceptions for large corporations. It is the small and upcoming businesses that don’t bother with Taiwan due to the red tape.


Banking isnt that bad here that it would stop someone investing or building a business here(unless finance related). Its just a major inconvenience

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It might help to offset the drain caused by the China threat and demographic crash. Tough to have a bullish long term perspective. I think the government wants to do something but too many bloated systems (including the government) and conservative mindsets don’t bode well. Better to invest in the semicon firms that are offshoring, for anything longer than 5 years

I guess I should’ve said foreign direct investment. Quite a lot of money flows into Taiex.

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I hope modern banking and financial system doesn’t mean the bank takes money out of your account every month for the right to put your money in the bank… Because they do that in the West.

Taiwan has minimal banking fees. ATM fees are so low nobody really cares about which ATM you take money from, whereas in the West you have to care because ATM fees can be several dollars US in addition to a percentage fee.

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The west isn’t the US. UK ATM’s most of them are free, most banks offer a basic bank account that is free to use, you only normally stars paying when you start getting bells and whistles added.


In Germany withdrawing from an ATM other than the bank you use is several Euros. It’s not free to use. At least they don’t take money off every month for a basic girokonto though…

in canada you pay too. they have the nerve to tell me I only have “xx” atm withdrawals per month, then need to pay. Last time I talked to them is was 20/month. at my own branch no less… been a member since 6 years old, had all my savings there. bought house through them, all my family uses them. still…Amazes me that is even legal! or i can get a chequing account and pay about 300nt monthly. So kind of them to charge me for taking my cash and lending it to others at a markup. They are greasy bastids, no doubt.

despite the inconvenience, i much prefer taiwans banking system over US or Canadas! Now if they could just be less assholes about foreigners who have immigrated here, that would be a step towards decency.

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False advertising. Willing to bet on it.

A lot of them do it in the uk, look at the small print. They will let you get your cash out for free no matter which uk bank your with.

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There are far worse financial infrastructures that people have no issues investing into.

I just found out Taiwan’s foreign direct investment as a % of GDP is not less than the OECD average.

Taiwan: 1.9%

OECD average 1.6%
Israel: 4%
Chile: 7.4%
Ireland: 16.1%

I was just joshing about the “free money” part of it :slight_smile:

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I have started a bank account for a new business in Taiwan, Hong Kong, germany, UK and Usa. All have their problems but overall taiwan is no worse. I had most trouble in Germany.

As for running the account even for a smallish business (under 10 million usd a year) Taiwan banking is great. You have a person you can actually call and for most things they come to your office instead of you having to go to the bank. Cost are low and exchange rates good.

Credit is always hard for a foreign company but for example real estate is completely doable as a foreign company where as we had many problems in usa for example.

Taiwan banking does suck for consumers.


If Taiwan liberalized its banking sector, it could be the next Hong Kong… HK ain’t HK no more… too much control from Winnie the Pooh… there is a trickle of expats and companies leaving HK right now… look for a flood soon. Taiwan could be trying to set itself up well to receive some of this, but the system is rigid and ossified so they are set up to receive pretty much none of it, most of it will flow over to Singapore and maybe Tokyo.