If Taiwan were a person

If Taiwan were a person, how would you describe him or her, and why?

Friendly, but very insecure and superstitious.


Add to that very sentimental, and fond of cute things.

Psycho xiaojie. :hushed:


Not sure exactly why, but I find it super endearing that many Taiwanese males my age are evidently enamored of mid-century American fashion. Ridiculously badly patterned polo shirts, worn tucked into trousers pulled all the way up to there, shoes a NYC cop wouldn’t wear.

And the wives who make equally disastrous fashion choices, and who fight like hell (and who lose the battle) against the sin of white hair. The fancy eyeglasses that make them all look like legislator taxi drivers who might break out baseball bats any minute.

Probably comes from my own upbringing, but I find Taiwanese extremely comfortable to be around. They’re just people who focus on their families first.

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Kind, Autistic, insecure.

Mr Positivity graces us again. :roll_eyes: Aren’t you part Taiwanese?

I am full Taiwanese.

Ok. I’ll rephrase it. “Dumb voter”.


lazy to live alone

Okay, better.

That’s okay, plenty of dumb voters in the US and U.K. You’re not alone.

Wasted potential


Really gross filthy habits when no one (except family) is looking, but cleans up well.

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Excessively sweet in the wrong situations and surprisingly salty when a sweet demeanor would be expected.
Maybe sad, overcooked,… er overworked and wilty.


A twelve-year-old with a credit card



Taiwan as a person would also be a hoarder. Definitely.


She would be always wet. So wet.

Especially in Keelung and clammy

I would say she’s a she and she’s definitely sometimes psycho Hsiao Chieh

Clingy but hates to love you but she does and she Doesn’t
Sunny disposition but changes in a minute
Likes to be cute and is cute but has atheletes foot and ringworm at times
Fickle ,likes to go out with other guys
You are never sure where she stands as that depends
Oh and she’s actually a cat that nobody recognizes as theirs
Oh she’s got a baddie that claims she’s his but she wants to run away to America or japan