If Taiwanese man and foreigner woman divorce, how much money must her ex husband to send for a child

I want to ask, if Taiwanese man and foreigner woman divorce, how much money must her ex husband to send every month for a child?
And how to make sure that he will really send it every month?

Honey, you’ll be lucky if you do not get deported upon divorce. If he holds the money, he keeps the kid. It takes an Act of God, and I know of very few foregn women, most with connections, I may point out, to actually squeeze alimony or any kind of commitment out of the guy, let alone keep the kid. Think about that before you pop one out.

My son is not in Taiwan. And for what should I get deported? Because my husband wants to divorce? lol.
What means “Think about that before you pop one out”? My English isn’t very good.

I was married for a short time many moons ago and i said never again and yet here im about to marry again. I must be nuts. Wheres a good shrink??

Being married to yuki may be more then anyone can handle? :sunglasses:

And yeah if you are in Taiwan, it used to be that you would be kicked out as soon as you got divorced, but nowadays having a Taiwanese kid may enable you to stay on.

As for money? Be easier to squeeze NT dollars out of a cactus most likely.

And yeah his family is going to keep the kid most likely.

Dear Yuki,

You are definetively trolling or completely isolated. Being charitable, I guess you haven’t met many foreign women who have been married to Taiwanese guys.

Pop one out: means have a kid. But you already have one.

Once your reason for being here -being married to a local - is gone, and you have no kids here, staying in taiwan can be a battle you are most likely to lose. It is a bit better now, but you will never have the same rights. Again, being charitable, I think I am addressing a young person with little experience in this matters. In any case, I am out of here.

Not funny, not funny at all.

I think this has been answered as well as possible–I’m locking this. If anyone feels they can contribute a different answer, please PM me.