If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


So are you suggesting that it makes no difference whatsoever what a ukelele is made of? like what? willow wood? balsa? peckerwood?


Today, I am a tree that is afraid of not-being-a-tree tree.


Today, I am a Gotterdammerung tree. Burn baby burn!


Today, my greatest fear is that I will be turned into or on by an Otherkin Tree!


“A tree is a tree. How many more do you have to look at?” – Ronald Reagan, 1966


Today, I am a new moon tree.


Today I am a Bitcoin hipster-millionaire, funding a reforestation project in Zaire. Off-topic? Yellow card? Mods?



[quote]Pottiputki is a planting tool that was created by Tapio Saarenketo in the early 1970s. It is an efficient tool for manual planting of containerized seedlings. The planters can work in an ergonomically correct position while maintaining high productivity, making the task both fast and comfortable.[1] It is more effective, but more expensive than the traditional mattock.

The tool is available in multiple sizes and tube diameters.[/quote]


You forgot and “personalities.”


Today, I am a tree that would like to leave to go far away to retire on a farm and raise chickens… Here chickee chickeee chickee


Today, kinda sorta windy. Today I am a Blown Wide Open Tree. :doh:


Today, I am a potato chip bag tree with all that THAT entails…


What does it entail?


Well, Ermintrude, I am glad that you asked but first I have to ask you for a few security-related questions. May I proceed?


I wasn’t there. I was never there.


[quote]I wasn’t there. I was never there.

Someone saw you there. You were seen. You were seen being seen by another person who saw. See?

Question 1: There was a rock near the flowerbed by that tree where the path entered the garden next to the lawn. What color was the rock? and why was it next to that flowerbed? What kind of flowers were in the flowerbed and what kind of tree was it that the flowerbed was next to?


I saw somone that looked like a fred.
And there was another that seemed Er, in the midst of a mint rude.
But ask me no questions, and I will tell you no lies.

I did see an acacia tree next to a flowerbed, but both refused to answer any questions.
Or maybe they just not speak loudly enough?


[quote]I did see an acacia tree next to a flowerbed, but both refused to answer any questions.
Or maybe they just not speak loudly enough?[/quote]

How did you know that it was an acacia tree and not a potato chip bag tree in disguise? You have to LOOK for these things. And what about the rock? Did you see it?


Today, I am a vacation tree. No two guesses why!


Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near?


what does THAT entrail?

who knows what the dachang wills.