If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


Because of the feathers which flock together…

Now, let’s examine in greater detail. What kind of birds? What color of feathers? What are the birds doing? How does that make you feel?


Today, I am a fly off tree which is NOT to be confused with the horrendously vulgar expression to be a f*** off tree. THAT is not what I am but I mean that I am for the fly off tree but not the horrendously VULGAR expression. Got it?


Today I grab my axe, and…


Today, I am a pound tree. And tomorrow I may be a pence tree. Anyone want my two cents? hahahaahahah


Today, I am a harp or lyre tree. Anyone know the difference? :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao: :roflmao:


Dead people play harps, Greeks play lyres.

‘Woman with Skateboard’: images.allposters.com/images/41/030_lf05meng.jpg


You should ask Vay, I suspect he will say you are the latter while you think of yourself as the former.


I am definitely a harp tree, not to harp on about this issue.


Today, I am a rearview window tree. I am not sure how this came to me but there you are.THAT is what I am. Deal with it!


Today, I am a Pluto tree… a PLUTO tree! Amazing!


After England won the first test I am feeling very Ravi ShasTREE.


Surprised nobody mentioned that stupid tree in Taitung, or did they?


What stupid tree in Taidong? Tell me! I want to see! I want to know!


Today, I am a why the hell won’t this damned thing print out tree. WTF? WTH?


Today, I am a driving tree with or without the five iron.


Today, I am a hotzentotzenhuberfluvialachtungmeister tree. Yup! That’s me!


Today, I am a zombie tree with all that THAT entails. You have no idea! NONE AT ALL!!!


Today, I am a CRUISE tree. Hoooohoahahahaha



What is that? Are you supposed to be an AXE tree? or are we supposed to “axe” you what kind of tree you are? har har hardee har har!