If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


And, how do you feel about that? why? I’m listening…[/quote]

Q1) Fine.
Q2) Because I fucking hate everyone.


I think that I fucking hate every fucking one, too. Can one be that kind of a tree?


Apple tree of course, cuz I love snakes telling me what to do, ahaha :roflmao:


Make it so.


Make it so.[/quote]

That’s one hateful tree…


Today, indeed, I am a hate tree. I hate this; I hate that; I hate him; I hate her; I hate you, too! A hatetree. That’s me!


Today, I am a tired tree. What can a tired tree do to get re-energized? more fertilizer? some increased photosynthesis?


Can a tree go on a shooting rampage? Are acorns and nuts a form of bullet?


Today, I am all about listening to others. What kind of tree do YOU think that I should be today?


Do trees dress up for Halloween? I NEED TO KNOW as I have not bought a costume yet and wouldn’t what I wear depend on what type of tree I was that day? SCARY!


Today, I am a tree that wants to provide air conditioning and lower air pollution levels. Mission Impossible? I think not!


Today I am a club baby seals tree. Whack! Squeal! Whack! Squeal!


Still the same. Enjoying this. Whack! Squeal! Whack! Squeal! Whack! Squeal!


Oh, what the hell… another day? another week? I think YES!


Today, I am of two minds as to whether to be a schizophrenia tree.


Today, I am shot across the bough tree. Get it? hardee haha har har har haha


Today, I am Chav-free tree! and about G-d-damned time!


Today, I am a tree that is afraid of veils… all veils… any kind of veils… even veiled threats and veiled glances… I am afraid. Get it?


Today, I am a NO! You can’t make me! Tree! Not sure what that looks like but I know how it sounds! har har harde har har


Today, I am a migrant tree or a migrating tree or a tree that wants to move somewhere where the other trees don’t want me and, oh yes, I would like to add that I believe in myself. I’ve just got to! BELIEVE!!!