If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


Why don’t you just take up tennis or something. Irony – the irony – is kind of not really, like, your thing. :cactus:


Some people do irony. Some do what they imagine to be irony. And some do repetition.

People are weird. And usually very boring.


We do not talk to others for entertainment, I guess. It’s just nice to walk along together, to give a quiet nod to a fellow traveller, sometimes.


One of the things I first noticed in Taipei is that, unlike SE Asia, Westerners don’t do the ‘silent nod’ when they pass in the street. It happened almost every time in VN or Laos or Cambodia. Yet in TW? I got blank stares back, so I stopped doing it and everyone seemed happier.

I honestly believe that the sort of Westerner who comes to TW is quite different from the sort who travel or live in SE Asia.

Guess which I prefer :wink:


Today I am a nodding-when-I-pass-Westerners tree.


Today, I am a 2-be-or-not-2-be-irony tree. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?




I am, increasingly, coming to admire you Ermintrude.

Don’t fret. I live in a distant land :slight_smile:


How ironic. :wink: :eh:


Today, I am a Pentecost tree. NOTE: I am NOT a PentecostAL tree but just a Pentecost tree. NOTE: NO irony is involved in this statement, intended or otherwise.


Today, I am a Moliere tree. Some will find that ironic; others may not. How ironic!


Today, I feel like a very old tree… like one who has done 1,000 posts or something…


Today, I am a constipated tree. Am I German? MOVE NOW! KEEP OFF THE GRASS!!! Follow the rules!!! You will obey!!! Oops… I guess I must be… German AND constipated :laughing:


Today, I am a PEGIDA tree. I have gone from constipated, uptight Germanitree to constipated, uptight, xenophobic, fascist, holier-than-thou, intolerant, moralistic, brow-beating, my-way-or-the-highway tree. But I’d like to think that I am peaceful, tolerant, welcoming and care about the environment but those tendencies are perhaps still in their acorn phase.


Today, and ONLY TODAY, I am a tree that is caught between a Hard Rock and a Cafe!


I thought that was you.


Don’t order the guacamole.


TREE KILLERS!!! When is America going to sit up and TAKE NOTICE of these horrible atrocities!!! It is time to RAISE AWARENESS and TAKE ACTION NOW!!!


Today, I am a why the fuck are all the world’s problems something that I am supposed to care about/deal with? Why? WHY? Stop the world! I want to get off!


Today I am a Penthouse for Eagles tree. Don’t ask me why. I just am.