If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


I’m worried about many things so today I am a quaking aspen.


Hmmmm a quaking aspen huh? Maybe that makes you more of a hyderangeda tree… hahahahahahahahahaha


I am a very confused tree that no longer knows how to respond. This tree is not sure that it likes the newly formatted Forumosa. Blech!


I am still a confused tree but one who does not know what to think about RECENT EVENTS. What should I do? leave? hahahahahahahahahaahah


I’d be a eucalyptus tree, so I could watch sleepy koalas chew on my leaves all day.


Why? What is so interesting about koalas chewing leaves, yours or others?


Everything. huffs eucalyptus fumes… Everything.


If I could be any tree, I’d choose not to be a tree. I mean, seriously, who would want to be a tree?



I don’t know. I thought it was kind of odd that this thread had almost 800 replies. Then I scrolled through it and saw about 600 were all by one poster.


I think trees here are supposed to be metaphors…or something. It’s a little too high concept for simple folk like me.


But if intelligence is like an acorn, one day you could become the Oak Tree of Smartness. Ever think of it that way? metaphorically or is that figuratively or is it allegorically speaking?


Still too high concept for me. But I’ll think of all you tree people next time I put a log on the fire.


Are you being ironical? I wonder whether you were thinking that as you entered into the virtual reality of the digital world to engage with the personas with whom you may not be personally acquainted. Is that moving into the symbolical? allegorical? One struggles to imagine the kinds of words that would characterize the discussion using onomatopaiea. Lugrunf? treackle? charraters?


Your impassioned plea has effected a major realignment of my moral compass. Hearing the squeaks of pain as I walk across my hardwood floors, I’ve decided to replace them with cruelty-free white tile. I’m starting to feel morally superior just thinking about it.


See and it is EXACTLY this kind of witty repartee that has earned this thread such a long life. Why you can almost determine its exact age by counting the rings of discussions that have taken place. An amazing yet real coincidence, surely?


Fred, are you a dendrophiliac by any chance?


Is that a tree whose sap doesn’t clot properly when it gets a cut?


Woodn’t you like to know?


Or a person who gets sappy when he/she sees a cut.