If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


Gosh. So many beautiful trees lining the roads today, waving at me as I passed by. How I hated to leave.


Sounds like the daffodils. far away in the distance I hear the sound of a buzz saw cutting through the TomDon, is a truly chilling sound.


Trees are KEY to combating the evils of global warming (SORRY!!! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!) and are an excellent way to offset carbon footprints. Of course, most air travel would necessitate planting TONS of trees but every symbolic gesture of friendship with the trees will be remembered in the next Disney/Pixar movie involving talking trees voiced by famous and well loved actors in quirky/oh-those-actors type roles. I think that it would be really good to have dancing trees who help the polar bears in the next movie, perhaps, with cameo appearances by penguins to highlight social issues and to provide new narratives.


I’d like to humbly suggest planting the trees on the planes themselves. This would have the obvious benefit of offsetting the carbon footprint of the transportation of said trees to where they’re needed…for said offsetting.


What an interesting concept but will they be inside or outside the plane?


I have HAD it with these muthafucking trees on this muthafucking plane!!!


They’d be on the inside, of course. If they were on the outside they’d create too much drag, which would actually increase the carbon footprint. This is not rocket science folks.


Plus the external 30,000 feet altitude, 550 miles per hour environment they’re subjected to would completely obliterate them after a minute.

(This is good practice. Now that I’ve had to consider this ridiculous premise I feel I’m prepared for any “why is the sky blue?” question my daughter could possibly think of)


Of course it is not rocket science. Duh! It is tree science! Would help VERY much if you were to keep to the topic at hand.


“completely obliterate?” I would need to see a report or some other kind of fact-based evidence to support your assertion. I think our friends, the trees, could run rings around that argument!


I thought it was jet science. :confused:


ONLY if jets are ONLY involved. This involves the effects on trees as related to their presence on jets. DUH! How simple is this!!! I cannot believe that you would post such a ridiculous statement!!!


It would seem that this line of inquiry may merit a new interdisciplinary field. I propose that this new field be dubbed “aeronautical tree horticulture.” The establishment of departments in this field at colleges and universities is sure to open up the sluice gates of government and corporate funding. Whether such a department should be placed in the college of engineering or college of biology is subject to further discussion.


How exciting. I have a team that I can put together to research this VITAL aspect that has the potential to affect the ENTIRE planet. Mother EARTH needs our help! Money is or should NOT be an object! We need to ACT NOW!!! My bank account details to be forthcoming. Perhaps, a quick meeting or roundtable in Paris? Baden Baden? Bora Bora? We need to be comfortable and in luxurious surroundings with every imaginable comfort/service to be able to concentrate EFFECTIVELY on URGENTLY NEEDED solutions.


I saw some nice trees today. Too bad they don’t know about global warming… pity… shame…


When I see a new tree post from you:



I have been hibernating in a Tree.Hello


Would you be the kind of tree that Jimmy Carter would lean against ? Yes?


Ahhhhh… someone has missed the point entirely which er has been my point all along… now back to high school for you… I hope you are cool and popular this time…


Didn’t mean to touch a nerve. I just think you should… branch out a bit. :sunglasses:

But if we’re doing the high school thing…