If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?




Did the trees or someone else post that sign? It makes all the difference to me, you see.


It looks like a wooden sign. I honestly don’t think the trees would make signs out of themselves.


I don’t know but since Donald Trump was elected president, the world that we know has come to an end so many times. Maybe this time it is happening for real and the trees because of global warming (SORRY!!! CLIMATE CHANGE!!!) can sense these things because of their close relationship with the Earth Mother. Just sayin’ sooner or later the Donald will have to be held responsible… OMG!!! WE NEED TO TAKE URGENT ACTION NOW!!! There. I FEEL better, don’t you?


I haven’t felt better in years. I can’t speak for los árboles though. We need to find someone who can speak “tree.”


Is this a tree hugger ? I am confused.


No! That’s tree porn, you pervert!


Well, I am GREATLY disappointed in the SEVERE decline in tone in this conversation. Seriously! What next? REALLY? WHAT NEXT?


I often have thoughts about trees but then they leave me suddenly… the thoughts not the trees…



The money tree!


Do they “make like a tree and leaf”?


Is that related to the Giving Tree?


No, it’s a taking/picking tree! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That would make me the giver, others just pickers! :scream:


Are you sure the Taking Tree and the Giving Tree aren’t twins? You know, like right handed and left handed… :yin_yang:


This sounds like we are veering into some dangerous Bernie Sanders “taking” and “giving” redistribution. I mean how could it NOT be possible to just take from anyone who has money to ensure that those who need a free college education, free medical insurance and guarantee jobs for life would end in success and eternal happiness. I mean LOOK how well it has worked everywhere else. I just am so disappointed to see possible support for such ideas among the trees who should KNOW so much BETTER!!!


Careful what you wish for, Freddie!


Yikes! I will NEVER wish for anything EVER EVER again!!!


I wonder if any of the trees will be swept up in the exciting polemics of politics in OUR TIME.


A Larch, a Larch
If a bird, an albatross.