If you could be a tree, any tree, what kind would you be? and why?


It’s important to be grateful I guess. I’m not sure what kind of tree that makes me but isn’t endless solipsistic congratulation what it’s really all about?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Of course gratitude is a feeling and feelings are all that matters. I feel solipsistically affirmed. Great isn’t it? @discobot quote


:left_speech_bubble: Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. — Thomas Edison


Why oh why is the tree in me not free?


Not going to Panda to your thread revival


Other than climbing trees and eating shoots from various trees, WHAT pray tell WHAT do pandas have to do with MY thread on TREES? One wonders…


As a lady once said, " What happens when all the renewable Energy runs out ?"
I MUST KNOW. The Trees, the trees.


Hmmmm… are you suggesting that trees are good for only fire wood? timber? lumber? kindling? Well, I wonder what THEY say about you? Ever thought about that? have you? huh?


They may be Nihilists.
I fear you have been reading Tolkien, or some Buddhist Book about talking Trees.
Alexander the Great ; Prince Charles , were fluent in “tree”.
So much of World History from the trees.
Apple Trees, Tree of Knowledge, Tree of Life.
Maybe you are a Dryad like Eurydice, tempting posters, only to have their hopes dashed at the last moment ? Knew all those Classics years would be useful one day.


I hear a tune, such a beautiful tune… If only I had heard the rattle before I stepped on the snake. Is that what you are trying to say? and HOW HOW HOW an oak nereid could die from a bite? I guess in this case the bite was really worse than the bark, no?


‘The forest was drastically shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe because ,with its wooden handle, they thought it was one of them’


Maybe they were mostly ironwoods but wait! Perhaps this was meant as a parable?!!! But what could it possibly mean???


The hyperbole of a Tree that leans to the left, does not seem to blunt the axe.
I’m just making it up as I go along now, rather like Ortiz. I do not mean to be didactic in any way. I am an old Man. "What an old man sees sitting down, a young man can not see standing up’
It’s all over for the Trees. The recent Heatwaves, when built in to the climate Algorithms, mean average temperatures next year will be 40 degrees in …er…lots of places.


So if the tree is leaning 40 degrees to the left, like Ortiz, when a young man, it will not be able to see Ortiz as an old man sitting down because it did not “ask/axe” the right question?


Maybe if it was only leaning 3 Degrees to the left, the axe would let it be…or a ,“when will I see you again” , scenario. Listening to Classical Piano music now…Chopin


Chopping what? Trees? How DARE you. How DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU!!!


Suffice it to say, I am OUTRAGED… Yes, that is what I am? I know most people aren’t but I AM OUTRAGED. And my outrage means you must ACT! REACT! REPENT! DESIST! STOP! APOLOGIZE! GROVEL! BEG! ABASE YOURSELF! BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!


Is there a type of tree that grows EVERYWHERE in the world, in all climes from deserts to tropics from tundra to swamp, from mountains to valleys? If so, what would it be and how can I be that tree today. Cuz I want to be everything to everyone and everywhere at the same time! How good of me!