If you ever wondered why we can't have good things in Taiwan, here is why

Tesla has been justifying those price reductions by saying that the shift to online sales is going to result in cost savings.

Overseas, the price reductions are even more significant.

In some markets, the higher-end versions of Model S and Model X have seen overnight price reductions of over $30,000.

One of those markets is Taiwan, where the price of a Model S P100D was cut almost in half by Tesla’s latest price changes – resulting in about $100,000 in savings.

It angered some owners so much that they organized protests at Tesla stores and Superchargers.

In other words, rich, dumb auto snobs will make sure you can’t buy cheap Tesla in Taiwan because they got duped by original prices (they though it was a good status symbol car) and want Tesla to become another overpriced face saving brand as MB or BMW is.



those things are totally not practical for taiwan anyway. we need a gogoro version of a car. not a flashy, huge E-sports car. most sports car drivers here are complete human trash. i almost got run over by one of those speeding wankers yesterday.


I’d be pretty miffed if I bought a car for $200,000 only to have it drop to $100,000 a week later.

I wouldn’t protest for them to cancel the price decrease, but I’d expect some sort of a part refund.


Why ?
Buyer beware. Using that logic we should pay more if they increase the price later.


Jealousy anf small dick syndrome.

As things get older and more efficient they get cheaper…dvd players were over 1000usd, now theyre 50…wheres their refunds? Dont like it, wait and buy it…

Edit: prices are also comparing taiwan to western (usa) price. So its a non issue. Tesla had lots or hurdles in the usa, for example selling cars themselves without through all those dealerships regulations so many states have. They always shoot themselves in the foot then cry when it sucks.


How many of those buyers are loaded with paying off their car loans that would have otherwise been less in payments or time? I’d be pissed if I was no longer getting the oohs and aahs before where now people giggle behind their hands. Players got played.


I think Tesla’s are cool. But it’s far from a dream car im willing to take out the burden of a huge car loan for.

I also found them to be uncomfortable. I don’t like their seat design, they fit me really poorly for a luxury car.


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nah mate. its far worse here. your average driver here is already pumped up enough to run over your basic pedestrian. the sports car drivers take it to the next level of dangerous assholery.


I’ve seen sports cars elsewhere and the drivers are also total cunts.

Sports cars attract retarded assholes. It’s universal.

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when you can fuck off the laws and get away with it, it tends to be worse.


those things are totally not practical for taiwan anyway. we need a gogoro version of a car. not a flashy, huge E-sports car. most sports car drivers here are complete human trash.

What E-sports car?

Tesla X is a 7 seater LSUV. Model S is a luxury sedan (BMW 5 series). Model 3 is a compact sedan competing with Toyota Prius and Camry. Model Y is a compact SUV (Honda C-RV)

I have Tesla Supercharger in Hsinchu 200m from my office.

Their drivetrain is state of the art (see kWh/km efficiency)

Tesla tries to push into affordable car territory (expectations were high for 35000 USD Model 3) to build their market share to before viable EV models from traditional car companies appear.
Snobs in Taiwan will make Tesla overprice their models like BMW and we will wait another 5-10 years (of smog and fumes from ICE cars) until traditional brands catch up.

Gogoro is a failure - it is too expensive so hardly anyone with economic sense buys it in TW. Looks like Kymco is trying to retool for electric scooters.

they are ginormous. thats what i mean by not being practical for taiwan. i’m sure it works great on road trips in the USA but in taiwan you are going to get wedged up down an alleyway and not be able to get out.
hardly anyone buys gogoros? not true.

I don’t get what’s the issue, if you want cheap cars go to the US. You can have nice things, you have to pay for them. It’s not exactly outrageous to think…luxury cars are expensive. Plus it’s expensive due to taxes and tariffs mostly.

Teslas and Gogoros can all fink off as far as I’m concerned. None of those twats who’re “saving the planet” are putting up solar panels or sticking their necks out for wind power. The implications of all these new technologies is that the population has to make hard choices on air pollution from coal or lose sleep that a major natural event doesn’t bugger up one of the outdated nuclear plants.

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Same with SUVs. Why do dickheads buy SUVs here? Any SUV in any alley around my gaffe (Wuxing St, Lane 600) causes headaches whenever they hit the road. Streets are just too narrow.


Just think ’ Taiwan laoban ’ and you know why they must drive an SUV or something even bigger.

Although to be fair I wouldn’t mind a smaller SUV myself like CR5.

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This times 1000000000. I just can’t understand what these people are thinking.


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X and S are good US market models.

I was interested in Model 3. It’s a car smaller than Toyota Camry.
It is depressing to see how a small, vocal group will affect the rest of potential buyers in Taiwan.

I like Tesla’s approach: ownership of key tech, OTA updates - I would love them to give a good fight to the old ICE boys adept at price gouging.
There were fears about battery life but data from older models shows the batteries age significantly slower than expected.

I hoped Gogoro would be a strong, innovative “Tesla of scooters”.
They have 8% of new scooter sales in Taiwan but they need to push prices lower to get higher adoption (like Tesla does) or they will lose to established players. Looks also like they did not yet enter US market.
With larger network of charging stations, Gogoro could provide utility scale energy storage for renewable energy sources but energy market in Taiwan is effectively a national monopoly so this is dead in the water here. (just wait for price rises after they close nuclear power plants)



Tesla Model 3 vs 2018 Toyota Camry

Exterior Dimensions
Length, Overall (in)
184.8 192.1
Height, Overall (in)
56.8 56.9
Track Width, Rear (in)
62.2 63.2
Wheelbase (in)
113.2 111.2
Width, Max w/o mirrors (in)
72.8 72.4
Track Width, Front (in)
62.2 63
Min Ground Clearance (in)

  • 5.7

Agree completely, Gogoro now need to drop the price to get widespread adoption. I don’t know if they will, if not I hope Kymco will do that (but I wouldn’t bet on it given their profits from regular scooters).