If you get really old someday, where would you retire?


But if you learn French you’d have to speak to French people…

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speaking french
speaking to french “”“people”""



The real problem is understanding what they’re saying about you. :open_mouth:


Eh, honestly the 50 words I know in Mandarin, plus my point and gesture game seems to have worked out for me okay here. Likewise in France, if I can just get up to a toddler level and know how to order at restaurants and bars, then I don’t need to get much deeper than that. No discussing philosophy and politics, but that’s fine as it’s France and who wants to open that can of worms with the locals.

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Yes, but you have to think about chateau upkeep. If your French is no good, the local tradespeople are gonna stiff you on repair fees.


Just making fun of you for not speaking perfect French.

My French is near perfect. I’d give my French ability 9/10, which in Quebec means 0/10. Unless you were born there it doesn’t matter how decent your French is, they will still hate you.

We get it, you have pretty women.
We get it, you have tasty food.
We get it, you have pretty architecture.


I thought everybody made fun of a Québécois accent.


I know a few Frenchies who will help me out if I think I’m getting screwed. They’re former students so they should still be alive and have their faculties when I’m 80 and decrepit and living in my chateau.


It sounds like Chinese that’s spoken in China compared to Chinese spoken here IMO. Québécois French has a real countryside twang to it. France French sounds much softer.

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I picture you sitting there on your Louis XVI divan in your dirty underwear eating week-old baguettes. :grin:

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Yes. The French equivalent of the hillbillies in Deliverance.


They will tell you it’s the pure/orginal version of how the language is suppose to sound :unamused:


Sure, if you’re a 17th century fur trapper. :sunglasses:


I shall remain silent on French language and property :cry:

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Gotta love those Montreal beavers.

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I hear there are a lot of silent letters in French.

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They smell a little weird, but they sure keep your head warm.

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Huh, never tried it that way before.


Best way to ingratiate yourself with the local populace.

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La vache est toujours en colère avec nous parler français ici.
@geajvop knows.
You are aware that cows are female ?

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