If you love electronic music and live in Taipei

I do, particularly progressive and tech house, some deeper harder house,and occasionally trance.

Most of my friends here (male and female) lean more towards hip hop, so I am looking for some people that would be interested in checking out some of the electronic music events around Taipei.

My name is Matt, PM me or e-mail me at bluetrayne@yahoo.com

I went to a great tribal house party a few weeks ago at Luxy,and then went to an after hours place called Purple, where the music was just as good, if not better, but I don’t know where it’s located, which brings me to my next post…

is there an underground electronic scene in Taipei?

im into breakbeats, jungle, epic and psychelic trance, and to a lesser extent, house and techno and uk garage.

im not a big fan of sleezy clubs with dresscodes and 600 NT covers. but i’d be happy to pay 600 NT for a party in a warehouse or concerthall somewhere with a relaxed, hardcore type of crowd, and maybe a european or north american headliner that i’ve heard of, if that exists here.

otherwise, sure, i’d be down for checking something out with you :slight_smile:

i just got here afew weeks ago, i havent really been anywhere other than expat pubs.

I’d love to hear more about what goes on at the Luxy.

hi guys, dropped into town about a week ago and i don’t know where to begin here either heheh. think i’ll check those places you mentioned. I went to MOS on friday, and that was quite pimp. fanciest lighting setup i’ve seen, nice fire dancers, and cost about 400NT Good electronica, although a bit repetative, that can be blamed on the guest dj. the place is freaking huge. i didn’t even know there was a hiphop room until i was about to leave and felt like exploring a bit more.

it had the typical 1:00 peak hour, but shortly after that turned into a sausage fest. I’m into all breeds of house (disco/progressive) breakbeat (mix some of that myself) retro and the occasional jungle. there are times i like soul or hiphop, long as its not the overplayed crap you can hear 24/7 on mtv.

heard Way Out West is coming to MOS later this month. anyone intrested in going?

What’s a sausage fest?

The Everett Sausage Festival is a family-oriented weekend fair centered around a Bavarian theme. From our traditional Bavarian Dinner to a variety of food booths, children’s games, the Family Entertainment Stage, bingo, carnival, and Bavarian Beer Garden and Stage, there is something for everyone. Everett Sausage Fest was founded to support Catholic Education at Immaculate Conception/Our Lady of Perpetual Help School and is now in it’s 28th year.


What’s a sausage fest?[/quote]

when all the girls leave the club, and the guys’ haven’t…

i’ll leave you to figure the rest out

There is no “rest” to figure out.