If you love your pet, beware this VET!


Last week, I took my kitty to the vet to be spayed (the humane thing to do).
Now, ten days later, she still has a cone on her head, and an infection on her belly, and I’m up all night stewing about this VET!
The South East Vet Hospital
(No. 181 Roosevelt Road, Section 3–next to Taipower Stn and Shita Rd.) was recommended to me by friends, so I expected the doctor would know what he was doing.
I found different.

After her $2500 spaying operation, her belly was incredibly swollen, and the cut and stitching job looked like a child had done it. When I took her back after a few days to be checked, the doc says, “oh, she’s got an infection, YOU’RE not taking care of her” BULLSHIT!! Then he proceeded to give her an antibiotic shot and some more gauze and charged me $200 more and said come back in two days. Yesterday, I took her back, “nope, the stitches aren’t ready to be removed”, gave her another shot, charged me another $200, and said come back Monday. I’m getting really upset at this point.
I’ve asked Rainbow from Nitti’s for the name of a better vet and plan to take her there tomorrow.
So, please, unless you want YOUR pet to be mauled by this inept, careless, and archaic animal doctor, do NOT take it here, just because it’s convenient.
Poor baby. I just want to cry.
My other cat has had to accept the fact that he has no partner in crime these past ten days, and I’m feeling like I may have ruined her for her nine kitty lives.
The vet is very smug and superior acting, but it appears he hasn’t had an update in veternary medicine for twenty years.