If you Think the Sidewalks are Safe Better Think Again



what a shame if he gets the shit kicked out of him…


It is a problem that can be improved upon, but never eradicated. I really tried hard to engage the Legislative Yuan about this issue. They surely see that you can reduce this type of crime by enforcing the existing regulations ? It has dramatically changed the amount of Drink driving ( stricter enforcement) than previously was the case in Taiwan, and more to the point , changed the social view on acceptability to drinking and driving …at least in the right direction.

You have to address the issue of giving these drivers a place to play at racing cars, that only endangers themselves , otherwise it will inevitably go on, on public roads. We tried to construct a Race Circuit and were defeated by Government Regulations in the end. Local population on board, after public consultation, but in the end we gave up due to ridiculous red tape issues…250,000 usd later.
I hope the new Track at Taichung will help get these people off the roads but the Government has to be much more draconian with their enforcement.
They could virtually eliminate driving through red lights with a 20,000 ntd fine for each time…but they will not , and if they did, I doubt the enforcement would be popular. Same with no lights at night, no helmets for children on scooters…shameful .


even though driving crazy and dangerous kills people and ruins lives… you would think it should carry a heavy punishment. its almost like they don’t value human life and value the right to drive like a shithead and boss people about on the road even more…


You definitely need friends in media.

Next time just film them and send straight to Apple Daily / Mirror magazine etc. Shaming them is the only way.

Oh and from a VPN and disposable phone. Remember cops are known to slip data to interested parties.


There was a case recently in Melbourne, an unlicensed driver killed a kid on a skateboard. She didn’t even get jail time, just 80 hours community service. Absolute joke. I knew of someone who got a bigger sentence for stealing clothes.


You can only hope they end up in the river, only killing themselves!


They value human live … with red envelopes!


Race tracks or drag race strip somewhere. Longtan had a race track.


Not everyone has access to them and they aren’t just going to let a bunch of people do that, cost a lot to maintain a track.

There’s no good place I know of, but I’m not in the racing scene in Taiwan. In Texas, Dallas areas we have areas to do it relatively safely. And we could drift up and down a. Parking structure.

There are a lot of car enthusiasts and racing fans. I grew up around racing like drag racing and conpeting karting around the country. It costs a lot. Not everyone can do that.


Where exactly was the accident?

My friend lost a friend at Dunhua and Nanjing intersection a few years ago in taxi collision with a bus.


Clarence can be a bad ass name. Case in point:


That’s very, very true. But I feel like it’s only cool for a black man. Definitely not cool for some wannabe hard-ass, spoiled little rich boy from Taiwan.


Counter point:




The thing is, if you got the racing bug, if you love speed, Zhongshiao at rush hour ain’t gonna be your thing. I mean, what kind of pea brained idjits think they are going anywhere in that traffic, let alone race?!

People race a lot here in Xindian’s Zhongxin road, which is a long stretch, with exits to the highway, or to Wulai or Yilan, so it is a cool warm-up with a escape route. They usually do that in the dead of the night, no people or cars or anything around. Not even cops bother. We got more casualties during the daytime, with pedestrians or bikes or electric motorcycles crossing the roads on red lights or jaywalking.


I agree. I think it would be good to have places for it though so this doesn’t happen. Lots of sports cars in Taiwan with no where to play.


Why should they have a place to pretend they are some cool famous driver?

I’m considering seriously to hide somewhere above the road and throw a stone when these idiots pass. I’d love to see them crashing without killing any innocent.


You should be at the intersection Keeling/Zhongxiao in the evening, all kinds of morons with expensive ‘race’ cars (motorcycles) racing either direction, dodging traffic.


Remember that in China, life is cheap. Chinese culture really doesn’t place any emphasis on life. just me, me, me attitude.


Think both you and @jdsmith may be missing Andrew’s reference?

Eminem, 8 Mile?