If you were to leave Taiwan

Would it be…

  • Money
  • Girls
  • A new challenge
  • Family factor
  • for a change
  • Can’t stand this place
  • Taiwan doesn’t have your beer
  • other… please state

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If you were to leave Taiwan, what would be the deciding factors in favor of the new destination?

I think I would have to say a new challenge. Why move yourself constantly and have no benefits from it. Everytime you move you lose soemthing. Money of course would be my second choice.

Having saved enough to buy a decent place back home.

greedy bastard that I am…


It would be because as a black woman in Taiwan, I can’t get no lovin’. :frowning:

Europe is my next destination…not that a potential nookie factor was a part of my decision process, but it is definitely a perk.


高泰樂 (ImaniOU)

It would be because I split up with my girlfriend and all my pets died. I figure even if the gf splits, the animals are going to be around for another decade or so, so it looks as though I’m stuck here.

When the time is right to complete my plans for world domination :smiling_imp:, that or not having my beer.

“If”? :?

When my wife and I leave Taiwan, it will be because there will be somewhere else to go… something else to do.


Bye all, I’m off! (I wish!)

:laughing: , good point, I was thinking when.

Be careful - Taiwan can suck you in. Originally planned on staying a week or two - that was 13 years ago. Now it’s definitely “if” not “when”

Well, I, for one, do not plan to be sucked into Taiwan…even if I am going to stay a year longer than I had originally planned…but then, that’s it. I swear I am leaving after next year…well, next school year…