If your 23andme or Ancestry says you're close to 100% Ashkenazi

I was wondering where it says your ancestors traversed.

The Ashkenazi Jewish genome is very clearly defined. Blossom took her test and it says she’s 98%, and her ancestors took this path:

East Africa (like everyone else) > Saudi Arabia > Iran > Caspian Sea

This is consistent with other studies I’ve seen of Ashkenazi Jews, originating in Turkey, Iran, or most closely related to the Kurds (and of course the other half of their genome being European).

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So, what’s this mean to the common person? We’re all related to Blossom? fuq.

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I think 23andme is a load of crap if you ask me.


I agree, but I have to say that the way she presented it is quite funny!

I just wanted to know where Ashkenazi Jews originated, that’s all.