If your country of origin were a food item, what would it be?


Most people would have said maple syrup, or maybe poutine, but thanks for playing. :idunno:

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In the United States, each state is considered it’s own county. Meet my flag and my banner…
Seriously, if you’re from my state and know not what this is, you’re a heathen!
(I’ll reveal later, it just that this obscure food is a favorite among locals and travelers alike. I really would like to know if anyone here can identify this. Of course, you could just check the link.)


Fried bologna the other white meat.


The US is Spam?


Taylor ham. It’s what they call bologna in New Jersey.
Big whoop.


I thought NewJerseyans preferred scrapple.

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You really are Rocket, aren’t you? It’s not bologna and you haven’t tasted it. It’s actually the only food on my bucket list to have if I ever made it back to NJ that was as good as I remembered; ten years later. It’s unique. Have some next time, you vist NY. Get on the ferry, cross the river and get to a diner. No, a local greasy luncheonette is a better choice.

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BBQ pork


Ohh, scrapple mmmm.
Actually never had until one day at breakfast in dining hall at college. Had one slice of this blissful (food term: bliss point, I don’t want to use the “O” word) meat, went back, asked what it was and asked for two more. Our meal plans were all you could eat.
Later that evening I went to the supermarket, read the ingredients and nearly cracked up.
In NJ, we’re pretty regional and provincial about our food. Our state is even divided when it comes to snack cakes. One girl here scolded me for calling a snack cake by the wrong name Ding Dong. Ring Ding territory started next town over. She didn’t know.

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Barbaque Pork. Southern US. Carolinas?


Yes. Southeastern.

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Taiwan, my adopted country. Chicken feet.
But, hadn’t had decent chicken feet since Mom passed. I’ll go with stinky tofu.


I’m afraid I’d be a chimichanga.


This is Marijuana-Avocado-Kale-Quinoa Salad. Seriously. I’m sure you can totally guess which U.S. state I’m from, dude. :surfing_man:


A grilled stuffed burrito. Terrible for you, but oh so good. Run for the border! Do it soon, before we finish the wall!



Ube/Taro flavored croissants from Costco. A perfect description of Taiwan.




Taiwan, sweet potato duh


Thanks for the morning throw up.